ACF Healthy Marriage Initiative

Research suggests that children who grow up in healthy, married, two-parent families do better than those who do not. Head Start staff can use the Healthy Marriage Initiative to address the specific and unique strategies that will enhance parent-parent and parent-child relationships.

ACF Healthy Marriage Initiative

ACF Healthy Marriage Initiative

The emphasis for the Healthy Marriage Initiative is on healthy marriages — not marriage for the sake of marriage, not marriage at any cost — but healthy marriages that provide a strong and stable environment for raising children. It is about helping couples who choose marriage for themselves gain access to the skills and knowledge necessary to form and sustain healthy marriages. More>>

Hispanic Healthy Marriage Initiative (HHMI)

The HHMI is a focused strategy within the Healthy Marriage Initiative. The goal of the HHMI is to address the unique, cultural, linguistic, demographic, and socio-economic needs of children and families in the Hispanic community. More>>

The African American Healthy Marriage Initiative (AAHMI)

The AAHMI is a component of the ACF Healthy Marriage Initiative. More specifically, it promotes a culturally competent strategy for fostering healthy marriage and responsible fatherhood, improving child well-being and strengthening families within the African American community. More>>

The Native American Healthy Marriage Initiative

ANA seeks to support projects that include approaches to improve child well-being by removing barriers to form and sustain healthy marriages and strengthen families in Native communities. Studies have shown a clear link between healthy marriages and child well-being. The Native American Healthy Marriage Initiative (NAHMI) promotes culturally competent strategies to strengthen Native American families and communities by fostering healthy marriages, responsible fatherhood, and child well-being. The NAHMI includes three components: (1) education and communication; (2) the creation and enhancement of collaborations and partnerships; (3) identifying resources. More>>

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ACF Healthy Marriage Initiative. HHS/ACF/ACYF/HSB. 2005. English.

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