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Diana Bowman, Director of the National Center for Homeless Education, summarizes the key points of this lesson about community collaboration. [00:00:57] | Read the transcript

Key Points About Community Collaboration

In this lesson you explored the importance of community collaborations in your work with families in homeless situations.

First, collaboration is a way to expand your agency's capacity to meet the needs of families and children experiencing homelessness. Revisit some of your existing partnerships to determine if there are uniquely different kinds of partnerships to forge.

In addition, local homeless liaisons are key partners in building effective services for families experiencing homelessness.

And finally, Head Start programs are important voices to have at the table for strategic planning to address the needs of homeless families and children. Your community assessment data can play a vital role in strategic planning with partnering agencies.

In conclusion, community collaborations are key to successful outreach and providing services to children and families experiencing homelessness.

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Last Reviewed: April 2013

Last Updated: January 6, 2017