Interactive Homelessness Lessons - Mini-workbooks


These Mini-workbooks are designed to facilitate the process by which you choose to share the information in the lessons.

colorful painting of hands Lesson 1: Definition of Homelessness Mini-workbook [PDF, 422.1KB]
Mother, father and baby Lesson 2: Determining Eligibility Mini-workbook [PDF, 389.5KB]
Woman sitting with father who is holding child with a ball Lesson 3: Identification and Outreach Mini-workbook [PDF, 324.9KB]
Blocks spelling the word school Lesson 4: Enrollment Mini-workbook [PDF, 661.5KB]
Instructor parents and children sitting in front of a painting Lesson 5: Partnering with Families Mini-workbook [PDF, 3.7MB]
Cartoon of people pitching in to build a home in the shape of a heart Lesson 6: Community Collaboration Mini-workbook [PDF, 294.4KB]



Last Updated: April 24, 2013