Mary’s Ideas: Review Ideas

Mary Vanderwert is the director of the Minnesota Head Start State Collaboration Office. To hear or read what Mary has to say about identification and outreach, select the links below.

Outreach ideas Watch the video [00:01:04] | Read the transcript

There are a number of ways that Head Start programs can serve families who are experiencing homelessness. In our state, one of our programs has dedicated a family service staff who is also a teacher. She does both of those things, who spends her days in the shelters and she works with- if a family comes in with a young child birth to 5 , she immediately enrolls them in Head Start and begins working with the family. They’re enrolled as a home-based option so she does weekly home visits until there’s an opening in a center.

Another community in my state has arrangements with the shelters to pick up the pre-school children. If a family with a pre-schooler comes into a shelter, they call the Head Start program and they’re enrolled and then they pick them up each day and the children attend Head Start every day until they are stabilized--until they’re into housing. And then they can stay in that center until the family feels like they’re ready to move on or the child is placed in another classroom in the center.

Mary’s Ideas: Explore Information

Before you record your own thoughts, do the following:

  • Think about Mary’s ideas and how they might relate to your situation.
  • Review the information in the links below.
  • If possible, discuss Mary’s ideas with a colleague.


Mary’s Ideas: Prepare Your Plan

Use the ideas in this lesson to help you prepare your plan for identification and outreach. The Outreach Plan worksheet [RTF, 203KB] is a tool to help you gather your own ideas, as well as ideas from each video and from the Explore Information tab.

Step 1: Collect all your ideas in one place. To start, select one action from the
table below.

If... Then do this...
You have not started a document yet Open this Outreach Plan worksheet [RTF, 203KB] or use your journal to start collecting your ideas in one place
You've already started a document Locate your document or journal to add more ideas

Step 2: Include details in your plan, such as the following:

  • Ideas you want to try
  • Procedures or steps you will follow to implement the idea
  • Names of people who will help implement your ideas or people you plan to contact for help
  • Timeline
  • Target locations for outreach
  • Ideas for flyers, letters, and other outreach materials

Step 3: Share your plan with others. Consider doing the following:

  • Disseminate your plan to appropriate staff, such as program director, family service manager, and other managers
  • Integrate your plan into policies and procedures
  • Use your community assessment to inform your plan
  • Consider your program’s systems of operation (e.g., program planning, recordkeeping and reporting, governance) as you prepare your plan

Last Updated: January 6, 2017