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Sherri Watkins, Family and Health Service Specialist for Bright Beginnings Inc., a child and family development center for children and families experiencing homelessness in Washington, D.C., summarizes the key points of this lesson about identification and outreach. [00:01:04] | Read the transcript

Key Points About Identification and Outreach

In this lesson, you have begun to plan how you will identify and reach out to families experiencing homelessness. This entails:

  • Gathering your ideas and determining procedures to implement those ideas;
  • Listing people and places to contact;
  • Targeting locations to conduct outreach activities;
  • Determining a timeline; and
  • Preparing outreach materials.

As a final thought, the face of homelessness has changed. Where they live, what they do, and how they look is different. The general notion of homelessness is no more. Homeless families are hiding behind the rest of the population as they don’t want to be identified.

This makes the identification and outreach difficult. For this reason, we as Head Start professionals must work collectively to find these families.

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Last Reviewed: April 2013

Last Updated: January 6, 2017