A Profile of Families Cycling On and Off Welfare

An analysis of welfare cycles shows a four-year period in relation to short- and long-term welfare recipients in five states. Family services staff will benefit from this comprehensive understanding of welfare cycles, types of families susceptible to cycling, and the complex reasons behind this trend. Findings of the study offer cycling percentages, background characteristics of cycling families, and employment outcome comparisons between types of welfare recipients.

The goals of this report are to understand the incidence of cycling and the types of families who cycle on and off the [welfare] rolls, and, if possible, to shed light onto why they repeatedly return to assistance. The report also considers whether welfare cycles appear to be more advantaged or disadvantaged in the labor market than other welfare recipients.

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A Profile of Families Cycling On and Off Welfare. Richburg-Hayes, Lashawn and Freedman, Stephen. DHHS/ASPE. 2004. English.

Last Reviewed: December 2010

Last Updated: May 27, 2015