Building Foundations for Economic Mobility Webinar Series and Virtual Resource Fair

This year, the Office of Head Start (OHS) has renewed its focus on Building Foundations for Economic Mobility. Use the videos and resources below to support program efforts around financial capability and education and career strategies for Head Start and Early Head Start families. Explore the latest evidence-based research and find tips to share with families and staff. New resources will be added throughout the year, so check back often.

Webinar Series

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BFEM Webinar 1: Building Foundations for Economic Mobility: An Overview

Review the concept of Building Foundations for Economic Mobility. The webinar provides an overview of this topic, introduces goals and objectives related to this work, and reviews key messages. Hear from national experts about the research. Head Start and Early Head Start programs share their successes and challenges in the field working with families.

BFEM Webinar 2: Building Foundations to Increase Family Financial Security

This webinar focuses on strengthening Head Start and Early Head Start programs’ efforts around partnering with families to strengthen financial capability. National experts review the research and programs share their experiences working with families to address financial security.

BFEM Webinar 3: Building Foundations for Parent Employment, Education, and Career

Learn how to strengthen programs' efforts to improve employment and education opportunities and career pathways for families. Listen as national experts and Head Start and Early Head Start programs share research, successes, and challenges in working with families to address employment and education.

BFEM Webinar 4: Building Foundations Virtual Resource Fair and Networking

This Virtual Resource Fair is the culmination of the week-long Economic Mobility event. Participants networked, shared resources, and best practices about partnering with families to build foundations for economic mobility.

BFEM Webinar 5: Engaging Families in Sensitive Financial Conversations

Learn effective and respectful ways to engage families in conversations about their financial strengths, challenges, and needs.

BFEM Webinar 6: Using Money Management Curricula to Enhance Family Financial Skills

Watch this virtual tour of several free online money management curricula and materials. Learn how to improve family financial skills using these online tools.

BFEM Webinar 7: Building Family Financial Capability through Community Partnerships: Helping Families Build Wealth

Find strategies for forming partnerships with banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions. These partnerships can help to improve families' money management skills, enhance their credit knowledge, and increase their savings.

BFEM Webinar 8: Building Relationships with Adult Education and Workforce Training Programs

In this webinar, learn how Head Start grantees partner with adult education and workforce training programs.

BFEM Webinar 9: Making Career Pathway Programs Accessible to Families

Learn how career pathways programs help unemployed adults and workers with low wages. These programs aid job seekers in acquiring education and training that increases their employability in high-growth industries. Hear from Head Start grantees and community institutions currently engaged in partnerships with these programs.

BFEM Webinar 10: Building Foundations for Economic Mobility: Strategies to Increase Food Security Among Head Start Families

Explore the Food Security Screening Tool in the resources section below to find out about the root causes of food insecurity and hunger. Learn how food insecurity and hunger impact children and families. Find ways to identify families facing food insecurity. Discover how to address families’ needs through program actions and community partnerships.

BFEM Webinar 11: Helping Staff and Families Understand and Use Credit to Achieve Financial Goals

Learn about the work of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) and the Office of Financial Empowerment. Discover how to access credit reports and submit a complaint to CFPB.

BFEM Webinar 12: Helping Families and Staff Maximize Tax Credit Benefits

Explore how tax credits can lift more families out of poverty annually than any other poverty-reduction effort. These credits include the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC), the Child Credit, and the Child Care Credit. Explore ways to help families access free tax services and maximize benefits during tax filing season.

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