Interactive Homelessness Lessons

The Interactive Homelessness Lessons were designed to strengthen the knowledge and skills of all staff who work with families experiencing homelessness. The lessons include useful strategies, compelling parent stories, experiences and lessons learned shared by Head Start and Early Head Start programs as well as LEA Homeless Liaisons, sample documents and much more.

The Interactive Homelessness Lessons support staff in determining:

  • How the McKinney-Vento definition of homelessness relates to the Head Start and Early Head Start community;
  • How to establish eligibility for children experiencing homelessness;
  • Which practices are most effective when identifying and providing outreach to families in homeless situations;
  • Enrollment strategies that are most appropriate for families experiencing homelessness;
  • How to develop collaborative relationships with families who are experiencing homelessness; and
  • How to create collaborations with the community in an effort to support families experiencing homelessness.

The lessons may be used in a variety of professional development settings and will assist service providers in their planning to increase opportunities for families experiencing homelessness. Note: This resource is under review.


Last Reviewed: November 2016

Last Updated: November 4, 2016