Father Involvement: Building Strong Programs for Strong Families


The role of a responsible and loving father is strengthened and emphasized in Head Start programs. Family and community partnerships staff, parent involvement staff, and other social services staff can strengthen the involvement of parents by intentionally engaging fathers through strategies and tips discussed in this Head Start Bulletin.

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Children do best in life when they grow up with the active, positive involvement of both a mother and father. Whatever the measure—physical and emotional health, educational achievement,behavior, substance abuse, crime or delinquency—children are more likely to lead healthy, productive lives when both their mother and father are actively involved in their lives in positive ways. See Head Start Bulletin #77 [PDF, 1.03MB]


Father Involvement: Building Strong Programs for Strong Families. Head Start Bulletin #77. HHS/ACF/ACYF/HSB. 2004. English.

Last Reviewed: June 2009

Last Updated: June 19, 2013