Las Manos de Apá Resources

This set of resources is designed to support Latino fathers as early literacy models for their children. The resources outline creating father-friendly environments, building community supports, sharing stories, and supporting early literacy for young children. Head Start and Early Head Start staff may find these practice models useful when working with Latino fathers. Many of the resources and activities are in English and Spanish.

Father Group LessonsFathers' Group Lessons [PDF, 30.6MB]

These lessons use group process called "circulo de hombres," or circle of men, to experiment with storytelling to support children's early literacy skills. The fathers support each other in skill-building and learn the value of holding babies, singing to babies, caressing babies, making faces, and playing with board books and toys. They learn to help their children build foundational reading skills, which help them to become successful later in school. Many of the activities are in English and Spanish.

Staff TrainingStaff Training Materials [PDF, 5.9MB]

These four modules include thoughtful stories and activity examples to enable staff to feel comfortable building a father engagement program that extends to other male leaders in the community.

Staff TrainingSuccess Stories [PDF, 1.6MB]

Six fathers tell how the Las Manos de Apá project has improved their engagement in their children's lives in this collection of stories. Told in their own words, the profiles are provided in both English and Spanish.

Las Manos de Apa Tipsheet 1Tip Sheet No. 1: Creating Head Start Programs that Fully Engage Latino Fathers in Their Child's Early Literacy Development [PDF, 12.5MB]

Tip sheet No. 1 provides information about how a program can and should build a strong father engagement foundation by involving all staff. It emphasizes creating a father-friendly environment that engages them in all aspects of the program, including classroom activities.

Las Manos de Apa Tipsheet 2Tip Sheet No. 2: Creating Programs that Respect the Unique Language and Culture of Latino Fathers [PDF, 804KB]

Programs are provided background information on the critical roles that fathers play in early childhood literacy in this tip sheet. Fathers are concerned about the entire family, as well as the special role that children play in family dynamics. This tip sheet stresses the role of fathers in the community as supports for each other and for community building.

Las Manos de Apá Resources. HHS/ACF/OHS. 2013. English.

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