Effective Community Engagement: The Vision Ahead

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Community engagement plays a key role in making progress toward family and child outcomes. Community partnerships are an important part of the Program Impact Areas. They allow programs to put into place systemic, comprehensive, and integrated parent, family, and community engagement.

In this webinar, find out how Head Start and Early Head Start programs and community partners work together to support families. Presenters will share their efforts to create a shared vision and goals. Learn how they effectively put a collaborative plan into action. Explore practical strategies that programs can use to make progress in community engagement work.

You will learn:

  • Why a shared vision is key to engaging community partners in the work programs do alongside families
  • Ways to develop dynamic and effective collaborative plans with community partners
  • How to use strengths-based attitudes and relationship-based practices to build and sustain effective community engagement

Who Should View This Webinar?

This webinar may be helpful to an array of audience members, including: Head Start, Early Head Start program leaders, and other early care professionals; staff, parents, and community partners; T/TA providers, Regional Office staff, and collaboration directors.

Watch the Webinar

Additional Resources:

Effective Community Engagement Webinar: The Vision Ahead—Chat Transcript [PDF, 545KB]
Effective Community Engagement Webinar: The Vision Ahead—Participant Handout [PDF, 96.7KB]
Effective Community Engagement Webinar: The Vision Ahead—Tipsheet from Presenters [PDF, 571KB]


  • Bev Thurber, executive director, Early Childhood Council of Larimer County
  • Corinne Van Dyke, assistant director, Poudre School District Early Childhood Programs
  • Jane Everett, family and community partnerships coordinator, Thompson Integrated Early Childhood Program, Thompson School District

This webinar was moderated by Wendy Watson and Mindy May from the Brazelton Touchpoints Center and National Center on Parent, Family, and Community Engagement.

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