Strengthening Connections Across the Parent, Family, and Community Engagement Framework's Program Foundations
Understanding How Program Foundations Work Together to Strengthen Parent, Family, and Community Engagement (PFCE) Webinar Series

OHS PFCE Framework
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In this webinar, we looked closely at how programs can connect the PFCE Framework's [PDF, 2.1MB] program foundations. These foundations include Program Leadership, Continuous Program Improvement, and Professional Development. View the webinar to find out how your Head Start or Early Head Start program can use these foundations to promote family engagement and child outcomes.

You will learn:

  • Leadership strategies to create innovative PFCE policies and practices across your program's systems and services
  • Ways to make sure that the program foundations strengthen PFCE services and support family outcomes
  • How to use your program's strengths to achieve organizational change

Who Should View This Webinar?

This webinar may be helpful to Head Start and Early Head Start directors, T/TA providers, and early childhood leaders who are trying to improve family and child outcomes.

Watch the Webinar

Download the Webinar Resource Guide [PDF, 130KB]


  • Kiersten Beigel, family and community partnerships specialist, Office of Head Start
  • M. Elena Lopez, associate director of Harvard Family Research Project, OHS National Center on PFCE
  • Judie Jerald, early childhood advisor for US Programs at Save the Children
  • Nila Rinehart, project director, OHS National Interim Management Program at Community Development Institute

This webinar was moderated by Christine Patton, senior research analyst at Harvard Family Research Project.

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Last Updated: January 6, 2017