Recommendations for a Head Start Program

The Recommendations for A Head Start program outlines the justification for a comprehensive early childhood program. Head Start/Early Head Start Health Services Advisory Committee (HSAC), health managers, and program staff can use these recommendations to maintain the focus of improving the lives of children and families. The report demonstrates that many children are medically neglected, may not be physically healthy and ready to learn.

There is considerable evidence that the early years of childhood are the most critical point in the poverty cycle. During these years the creation of learning patterns, emotional development and the formation of individual expectations and aspirations take place at a very rapid pace. For the child of poverty there are clearly observable deficiencies in the processes which lay the foundation for a pattern of failure – and thus a pattern of poverty – throughout the child’s entire life. Recommendations for a Head Start Program [PDF, 44KB]

Recommendations for a Head Start Program. HEW/OCD. 1972. English. [PDF, 44KB].

Last Reviewed: December 2008

Last Updated: April 9, 2015