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A Health Talk is a pre-recorded video or podcast that allows health managers to explore deeper into specific health topics.

The Health Talks include two series:

  • Health Chats: Listen, as new tools and strategies are discussed to improve health outcomes for children.
  • Ask the Experts: Get answers to frequently asked questions from pediatricians, dentists, psychologists, and other health professionals.

Health Talks offer an easy way to learn more about some of the health issues that concern the early childhood community. Health professionals, technical assistance providers, and other early childhood health and safety staff share information on a variety of topics. The topics are chosen based on questions and suggestions submitted from the field. Send your suggestions for the next Ask the Expert or Health Chat presentations to health at ecetta dot info.

Health Chats Series

What is a Health Chat?

A Health Chat is a pre-recorded video on a specific health or safety topic. Each Health Chat includes a set of additional materials that you can download with the video. These materials will help you discover new strategies to improve the health services your program provides. Listen to them alone or with other staff and managers as one of your program's professional development activities.

Digging Deeper into Safety and Injury Prevention Data

Head Start managers organize a large amount of data about safety and injury prevention in their programs. Learning what the data means and how to use it to plan can be challenging. This health chat helps managers aggregate and analyze their program data to plan more effective safety and injury prevention strategies.

Supplementary Materials:

For more resources on the data activities, review Data in Head Start and Early Head Start from the Head Start National Center on Program Management and Fiscal Operations.

Using Stepping Stones and Compliance with Care to Support Infants and Toddlers

Management and staff keep infants and toddlers safe by planning strategies to reduce the possibility of injury. Use this Health Talk to find ways to meet Head Start requirements and implement evidence-based guidelines using the three supplementary resources below:

Supplementary Materials:

Identifying and Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect

Head Start directors and teachers, health service managers, and other staff sometimes have to make a decision about whether to report a child whom they suspect may have been abused or neglected. This webinar helps provide some guidance on how to make that decision. The webinar also offers an overview of the types and frequency of abuse and neglect in the United States.

Supplementary Materials:

Virtual Health Services Advisory Committee Meetings

All Head Start and Early Head Start programs are required to establish and maintain a Health Services Advisory Committee (HSAC). The HSAC is an advisory group usually composed of local health providers who represent a wide variety of local social services agencies. They may include pediatricians, nurses, nurse practitioners, dentists, nutritionists, and mental health providers. Head Start staff and parents also serve on the HSAC. Many HSACs struggle with recruitment and attendance. This Health Chat suggests ways to overcome barriers of time, distance, and cost using virtual meeting technology.

Ask the Expert Series

What is Ask the Expert?

The Ask the Expert Series is a pre-recorded discussion with an expert from a health-related field on a specific health or safety topic. A series of questions from the field guide the presentation. Each topic in this series includes an informational video and resources that you can download to learn ways to improve the health services your program provides. You can listen to each webcast alone or with other staff and managers as one of your program's professional development activities.

Head Lice

This installment of The Ask the Expert series focuses on head lice. Listen as Dr. Sue Aronson and Dr. Barbara Frankowski answer questions about identification, recommended treatments, and how to talk to parents.

Barbara Frankowski, MD, FAAP
Served on the AAP Council on Schoolhealth and co-authored the AAPClinical Report on Head Lice

Susan Aronson, MD, FAAP
Co-editor of AAP publication ManagingInfectious Disease in Child Care andSchools, 3rdedition

Additional Resources:

Head Start and the Medical Home

In this podcast, Dr. James Perrin, former American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) president, discusses Head Start and the medical home. Learn why it is crucial to link families to a medical home that best serves their needs by providing continuous, accessible medical care.

Additional Resources:

Nurturing Health and Wellness in Early Childhood: Nurturing the Brain, the Environment, and the Nurturer

This program features three sessions around the health and well-being of children in early childhood settings. Watch as our experts discuss early brain and child development, managing challenging behaviors, and staff wellness.

Last Reviewed: December 2015

Last Updated: January 6, 2017