What Works: A Study of Effective Mental Health Consultation Programs

The following study from the Center for Child and Human Development at Georgetown University explores mental health consultation efforts nationwide. It provides recommendations and tips for policymakers, early childhood mental health consultation providers, program administrators, and researchers to better improve the effectiveness of mental health services and programs.


Through in-depth site visits to six consultation programs demonstrating positive child, family, staff and/or program outcomes, this study explores the following key questions:

  1. What are the essential components of effective mental health consultation programs?
  2. What are the skills, competencies, and credentials of effective consultants?
  3. What are the training, supervision and support needs of consultants?
  4. What level of intervention intensity (i.e., frequency and duration) is needed to produce good outcomes?
  5. Which outcomes should be targeted and how should they be measured?

View the Study:
     WHAT WORKS? A Study of Effective Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation Programs [PDF, 2.29MB]

What Works: A Study of Effective Mental Health Consultation Programs. Georgetown University Center for Child and Human Development. 2009. English.

Last Reviewed: February 2010

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