Healthy Habits for Happy Smiles Series

This series of handouts for pregnant women and parents of infants and young children provides simple tips on oral health issues. Head Start and Early Head Start staff are encouraged to share the handouts with families to promote good oral health. The handouts are available in English and Spanish.

Download the handouts as individual topics or as a complete series in English [PDF, 5.4MB] and Spanish (español) [PDF, 5.5MB]. Select a title below to access the individual document you need.

Brushing Your Child's Teeth [PDF, 561KB]
Cómo cepillar los dientes de su niño [PDF, 551KB]

Choosing Healthy Drinks for Your Young Child [PDF, 460KB]
Cómo escoger bebidas saludables para su niño pequeño [PDF, 460KB]

Finding a Dental Clinic for Your Child [PDF, 500KB]
Encuentre una clínica dental para su niño [PDF, 483KB]

Getting Fluoride for Your Child [PDF, 512KB]
Cómo proporcionarle fluoruro a su niño [PDF, 497KB]

Giving First Aid for Your Child’s Oral Injuries [PDF, 509KB]
Primeros auxilios para heridas orales de su niño [PDF, 501KB]

Giving Your Child Healthy Snacks [PDF, 535KB]
Dele a su niño refrigerios saludables [PDF, 528KB]

Helping Your Baby with Teething Pain [PDF, 493KB]
Cómo aliviar el dolor de la dentición de su bebé [PDF, 487KB]

Preventing Injuries to Your Child's Mouth [PDF, 586KB]
Cómo prevenir lesiones en la boca de su niño [PDF, 585KB]

Taking Care of Your Baby’s Oral Health [PDF, 479KB]
Cuidado de la salud oral de su bebé [PDF, 471KB]

Taking Care of Your Oral Health When You Are Pregnant [PDF, 503KB]
Cuidado de su salud oral durante el embarazo [PDF, 500KB]

Toothbrushing Positions for Your Child with a Disability [PDF, 487KB]
Posiciones para el cepillado dental para su nino con discapacidad [PDF, 478KB]

Toothbrushing Tips for Your Child with a Disability [PDF, 584KB]
Sugerencias para el uso del cepillo dental para su niño con discapacidad [PDF, 588KB]

Visiting the Dental Clinic with Your Child [PDF, 544KB]
Visita a la clínica dental con su niño [PDF, 547KB]

Healthy Habits for Happy Smiles. HHS/ACF/OHS/NCH. 2015. English.

Last Reviewed: June 2016

Last Updated: June 14, 2016