Sensory Screening Protocol

As mandated by the Head Start Program Performance Standards, screenings must be completed within 45 days of enrollment. The Sensory Screening Protocol developed by Region 1, offers a series of tasks to effectively screen children. The health and disability managers in the Head Start programs may give this information to the staff responsible for administering the screening tools. The technical assistance members may use this protocol for their grantee cluster trainings.

  1. Objective, valid and reliable screening tools can give program important information regarding a child's physical, cognitive, and behavioral development. Additional sources of information such as parent interviews, classroom observations, or a child's complaints may also serve as important, albeit subjective information.
  2. Communication with parents is an essential component of any screening protocol from beginning to end. Full text>> [PDF, 30KB]

Sensory Screening Protocol. Region 1 Head Start Quality Initiative. HHS/ACF/OHS. 2006. English. [PDF, 30KB].

Last Reviewed: May 2009

Last Updated: August 31, 2015