Taking Inventory of Screenings and Exams: [A Learning Activity]

Regularly reviewing how successfully a Head Start program is providing well-child screenings and examinations is an important task for program directors and health managers. This learning activity enables staff from all service areas to participate in this assessment. Requiring approximately 20-30 minutes to complete, the activity utilizes a series of questions for group discussion and a handout, both included here.

The following is an excerpt from Well-Child Health Care: Making It Happen.

For This Activity You Will Need
Points to Consider
Handout: Taking Inventory

Purpose: This activity helps participants assess how well they, as individuals and as part of the total program, promote well-child health care. They will discuss the strengths and weaknesses of their program's screenings and exams, and identify areas for improvement. This activity is helpful for staff from all service areas.

For this activity you will need:

Step 1: Distribute Handout: Taking Inventory. This worksheet will help determine how well you are doing in well-child health care and screening. Take a few minutes to answer the questions.

Step 2: For each question on Handout: Taking Inventory, ask a participant to briefly explain what it means and why it's important.

Step 3: Discuss the following questions, citing examples from specific screening and exam procedures (e.g., hearing test, screening for developmental concerns, etc.).

  • Based upon the results of your worksheet, what screening activity do you do best? Which do you need the most help on?
  • What does your program do best? What does your program need to work on?

Step 4: Discuss the following questions, again citing examples from specific screening and exam procedures:

  • How do you think the children feel about the screenings and exams Head Start is required to complete? What could you do to make them ready?
  • How do you think the parents feel about the screenings and exams? What could you do to make them feel more comfortable and involved?

Step 5: Ask participants to identify for themselves one aspect of screening that they would like to improve over the course of the school year. Write it down, sign it, and give it to your supervisor or partner. Ask the supervisor or partner to put a reminder on the calendar for the month of May to discuss how progress is going with screening.

Points to Consider:

  • Head Start programs are required to document certain screening procedures in order to comply with the Performance Standards (e.g., completing screenings and exams within the time limit).
  • Programs should also strive for the highest quality in well-child health care for Head Start children and families. Attention should be paid, for example, to truly preparing children, involving parents, supporting families' relationships with their "medical homes," and making best use of the Health Services Advisory Committee.

See also:
     Handout F: Taking Inventory [PDF, 28KB]

"Taking Inventory of Screenings and Exams: [A Learning Activity]." Well-Child Health Care: Making It Happen. Training Guides for the Head Start Learning Community. HHS/ACF/ACYF/HSB. 1998. English.

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