Facilities, Learning Environments, Transportation, and Technology

Facilities and Learning Environments reinforce the importance of designing and maintaining all facilities so they actively support children and families in both indoor and outdoor environments. They help provide spaces that are not only safe but also inspire learning.

Transportation supports the safe and efficient movement of children from one point to another. Care needs to be taken to ensure that transportation systems are consistent with service area needs and are in compliance with state and federal regulations.

Technology and Information Systems underscore the importance of maintaining a physical infrastructure that supports the increased reliance on data collection and analysis. This refers to the selection and management of appropriate hardware (computers) and software (e.g., Child Plus, PROMIS, Teaching Strategies Gold, etc.) that enable programs to monitor their progress.

Head Start Policy and Regulations


Equipment & Materials



Head Start Act, Regulations & Requirements

Safety - Policies and Procedures

Transportation Personnel: Requirements & Training

Assessing & Planning

Transporting Children with Disabilities

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Last Reviewed: January 2017

Last Updated: March 17, 2017