Fiscal Management

Fiscal Management ensures accountability for federal assets, compliance with regulations, and includes internal controls. Appropriate reporting systems are in place and program leadership work in partnership to develop and execute a budget that reflects and supports program goals and priorities.

For related Head Start Program Performance Standards, see 1302.20-24 – Locally-designed program option variations and HSPPS 1303 – Financial and Administrative Requirements

Laws, Regulations & DABs

Managing Your Grant


Appeals & Replacement

After the Award

Records & Reporting

Payment & Cash Management

Standard Forms

Fiscal Systems

2014 Fiscal Regulations Resources

Audits & Risk

Budget & Match

Non-Federal Share: Management Matters

Fiscal Management Standards


Property Management

Fiscal Glossary

  • Fiscal Glossary

Program Income & Revenue

Personnel Management


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Last Reviewed: November 2016

Last Updated: November 30, 2016