A Fiscal Management Checklist for Partnerships

Collaboration efforts between Head Start and child care programs may extend key services to children and families. Head Start, child care, and pre-k administrators may use this checklist to identify the fiscal responsibilities of early education partnerships.


This checklist focuses on the fiscal aspects of early education partnerships. Although some of the questions can apply to a single entity that blends various sources of funding, such as, child care subsidies, parent fees, pre-K, Head Start, partnerships between separate programs, entities or with family child care providers will find the checklist most useful. The checklist contains four sections:

  1. Funding Sources
    1. Child Care Subsidies
    2. Parent Fees
    3. Head Start
  2. Braided Funding
  3. Fiscal Agreements
  4. Fiscal Reporting

Questions in each of the sections are often interrelated; therefore, partners may want to address each section of the checklist together. Some partners may use the checklist when the partnership is forming; others might find it helpful in refining the fiscal aspects of their partnership. Partners should consider including many of the areas addressed in this checklist in their written agreement, and using this tool in conjunction with Shaping a Partnership: A Checklist for Developing Partnerships, another QUILT document.

Please note that not every question applies to every partnership; however, each question should stimulate awareness and discussion between partners, helping to build a solid understanding and ultimate agreement on the fiscal aspects of the partnership. The ultimate goal of the checklist is to help partners effectively manage limited early education financial resources and to advance quality and services for children and their families through well-designed partnership endeavors. Full text» [PDF, 124KB]

A Fiscal Management Checklist for Partnerships. NCCIC/QUILT Project. 2006. English. [PDF, 124KB].

Last Reviewed: October 2012

Last Updated: November 13, 2014