Audit Confirmation Procedures  

This resource provides instruction for using the Payment Management System during audit confirmations. Grantees may find this information useful when preparing for scheduled submissions or on-site audits.

The Payment Management System allows the recipient to provide the auditor with confirmation of grant payments during on-site audits.

To obtain a grant payment confirmation, recipients access the Payment Management System using their User Name and Password. The information necessary to confirm payments are available by querying Payment Data using the account number and, if appropriate, the sub-account number. The Payment Data inquiry displays a history of all payment related transactions. These can include payments of a specific sub-account, payments within specific start and end dates, or payments with a specific confirmation number. Transactions are listed in chronological order beginning with the most recent activity.

For recipients unable to access PMS inquiry, you may fax your payment confirmation requests to 301-443-3586. Please contact Sheila Swedenburg at 301-443-7993 if you have any questions regarding your faxed request.

Audit Confirmation Procedures. HHS/PSC/DPM. 2008. English.

Last Reviewed: November 2015

Last Updated: November 16, 2015