Enterprise Risk Management — Integrated Framework

A framework designed to raise a consistent "risk and control consciousness" throughout an enterprise needs to become a commonly accepted model for discussing and evaluating the organization's risk management processes. Grantees and delegate agencies can benefit from using this model to evaluate their organization's risk management processes.


Over a decade ago, the Commission of Sponsoring Organizations of The Treadway Commission issued Internal-Control-Integrated framework to help businesses and other entities assess and enhance their internal control systems. That framework has since been incorporated into policy, rule, and regulations, and used by thousands of enterprises to better control their activities in moving towards achievements of their established objectives. More>> [PDF, 181KB]

Enterprise Risk Management — Integrated Framework. The Commission of Sponsoring Organizations of The Treadway Commission. 2004. English. [PDF, 181KB].

Last Reviewed: November 2008

Last Updated: August 3, 2015