Supplemental Applications

This resource outlines the process for supplementary applications. Grantees who are applying for supplementary funds will find this information useful during the process.

Existing grantee agencies use the supplemental application process during the approved budget period for a variety of reasons. The funding for Cost of Living Adjustments (COLA) or Quality Improvement increases (QI) may not have been available at the time the noncompetitive continuation application was funded. Grantee agencies may need additional funds for one-time expenditures for equipment or other program improvements. Also, ACF may make additional funds available on a noncompetitive basis for special initiatives.

When requesting additional funding, the grantee agency must explain the reason for the request and justify the need for additional funding. The application must indicate if the request is for a permanent funding increase or one-time funds. The COLA and QI funding is a permanent funding increase as the amount is added to the next noncompetitive continuation grant. The application must include the SF-424A and B forms and policy council approval of the request. The budget and budget justification need only include the items for which additional funds are requested. Grantee agencies do not need to submit the Line-Item Budget for Head Start and EHS.

Supplemental applications also are used to make major program changes even though there may be no increase or decrease in funding. The section on major program changes in the "Post Award Changes" narrative identifies what ACF considers major program changes.

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Last Updated: September 9, 2015