Checklist for Achieving "VMOSA"

Planning is a multifaceted, dynamic, and ongoing activity that helps formalize interactions between systems and people. Planning teams can use this checklist in their efforts to achieving short- and long-term goals and objectives. Agencies that plan well are better equipped to meet the unexpected and create a vision for the future.

You have defined your group's:

____Vision (the dream)

____Mission (what and why)

____Objectives (how much of what by whom)

____Strategies (how)

____Action plans (who will do what by when)

____You understand when to use VMOSA, the strategic planning process.

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Checklist for Achieving 'VMOSA'." Nagy, Jenette and Fawcett, Stephen B. Community Tool Box. University of Kansas. n.d. English.

Last Reviewed: October 2012

Last Updated: August 10, 2015