The e-Catalogue offers professional development resources in a variety of formats. Program management teams and others may use them to create staff training and development opportunities. Depending upon your design, format and instructional objectives, these resources offer a centerpiece for creating your professional development experience.

The Centers of Excellence (CoE) Program was established in the Improving Head Start for School Readiness Act of 2007. The Program focused on enhancing the quality of early childhood care and education for young children across the country. In 2010, 10 Head Start and Early Head Start programs were designated as Centers of Excellence. These grantees were nominated by the governor of their state. The five-year award period was used to disseminate best practices to Head Start, Early Head Start, and other early education programs. Several of these Centers of Excellence developed resources to enhance effective program design and management systems. They also created materials to support caregivers and teachers in promoting the social and emotional development of young children. Select the link to explore the resources: http://eclkc.ohs.acf.hhs.gov/hslc/tta-system/pd/centers-of-excellence.html

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