Supportive Supervision:  Promoting Staff and Family Growth Through Positive Relationships

Close personal relationships play an important role in our physical and emotional well-being. In this short paper, Head Start managers and staff members will learn about promoting staff and family growth through positive relationships. The challenges of supervision and the benefits of establishing a supportive and healthy learning community are also addressed.

The following short paper is provided courtesy of the Family Connections Innovation and Improvement Project, Children's Hospital Boston

Close personal relationships are key to the health and well-being of people at any age. They may be the single best prevention strategy for depression. Just as Head Start staff seek to engage parents and families in healthy, supportive relationships, it is important that they too have structured support and guidance. Supervision is not only about staff accountability, but also involves the commitment to nurture and guide staff so that they have the tools to engage children and families successfully.

What is Supportive Supervision?

Supportive relationships between supervisors and supervisees contribute to staff’s ability to reflect upon and cope with the stresses and demands of their work. It is an important aspect of building a safe and healthy climate for staff, families and children in Head Start. Supervision maintains staff productivity and reinforces the goal of caregiving within the program. More>> [PDF, 176KB]

Supportive Supervision: Promoting Staff and Family Growth Through Positive Relationships. Family Connections Innovation and Improvement Project, Children's Hospital Boston. HHS/ACF/OHS. English. 2008 [PDF, 176KB].

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