Technology Checklist

Participating in Distance Learning does require some level of comfort and a sense of basic competence  with the computer and the Internet. Potential students can use this checklist to determine their level of technology skills.

by Chip Donohue, Ann Johnson, Pam Lucas, Chuck Lynd, Jhumur Mukerjee and Suzanne Thouvenelle

     Yes No
1. I have regular access to a computer and the Internet.      
2. I find using the computer to be an enjoyable experience.      
3. I can open files saved on a CD and/or flash drive.      
4. I can save a file with a new name, file type, or file location and find it again.      
5. I can copy, cut, and paste text between files.      
6. I know how to “undo” if I make a mistake.      
7. I can format text and documents.      
8. I can insert a picture/object into a document.      
9. I am able to access information on websites.      
10. I know how to play video or audio clips.      
11. I can send and receive email messages.      
12. I can receive attachments/files through email.      
13. I can send attachments/files through email.      
14. I can use search engines to find answers and resources.      
15. I can participate in discussion forums.      
16. I can use a “chat room” or “instant messaging.”      
17. I can save files to hard drive, flash drive, and CD’s.      
18. I can download and install software or a “plug-in.”      
19. I like figuring out new things on the computer.      
20. I am able to fix many of the small problems that
arise when working at my computer
(computer lock-up, misplaced files, adding needed toolbars, etc.).

The information in this document is from

Chip Donohue, PhD, was the Director of Early Childhood Professional Development Programs at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee. 

Ann Johnson is a Head Start and Youth Program Specialist in the Region VII ACF Regional Office.

Pam Lucas is a Program Specialist at the Region VII ACF Regional Office.

Chuck Lynd was the Associate Director, Information Services for the Early Childhood Quality Network (Q-Net) at the Ohio State University Center for Special Needs Populations. 

Jhumur Mukerjee was the Early Literacy Content Specialist in the Region VII Head Start TA Network. 

Suzanne Thouvenelle is the Early Childhood Specialist for  Head Start Knowledge and Information Management Services.

Technology Checklist. Donohue, Chip, Johnson, Ann, Lucas, Pam, Lynd, Chuck, Mukerjee, Jhumur, and Thouvenelle, Suzanne. HHS/ACF/OHS. 2006. English.

Last Reviewed: May 2012

Last Updated: March 23, 2016