Professional Development in Head Start

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Part 1: History of Professional Development in Head Start

Since the early days of Head Start, administrators recognized the need to build the knowledge and skills of the newly employed community-based staff members by providing professional development opportunities.

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Part 2: Why Professional Development is Important

Strengthening the early childhood workforce, birth to age 5, is a priority of the Office of Head Start (OHS). It also is a priority and goal that many of you are realizing through creating and participating in well-planned and coordinated professional development systems.

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Part 3: Overview of the Professional Development Pages

Head Start and child care resources are organized to address three broad areas: Professional Development Systems; Foundations for Staff Development; and Individual Career Development. Understanding these areas promotes easy access to the information you want.

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Full Video: Professonal Development in Head Start

Professional development is the continuous process of acquiring new knowledge, skills, and abilities, along with experience and competencies that relate to one’s profession, job responsibilities, or work environment.

Last Reviewed: October 2014

Last Updated: January 6, 2016