Action Plan Outline

Programs that plan collaboratively with parents and partners to create a smooth transition for children with disabilities aid in the development of those children. This action plan provides a structure to help parents, staff and partners plan in a meaningful way.

The following is an excerpt from Planning for Transitions.

See PDF version: Action Plan Outline [PDF, 96.3KB]

(What do you want to happen?)
Action Steps
(How will it happen?)
(What positive outcomes do you expect?)
(How will you know when it is complete?)
Assigned to:
(Who will do this?)
(When will it be completed?)

*Adapted from Oregon Head Start Collaboration Project

Action Plan Outline (Continued)

Resources Needed Costs Additional Community Contacts

*Adapted from Oregon Head Start Collaboration Project

"Action Plan Outline." Planning for Transitions. Training Guides for the Head Start Learning Community. HHS/ACF/ACYF/HSB. 1997. English.

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