15-minute Inclusion In-service Overview

The following information from the Head Start Center for Inclusion provides teachers with a short and useful way to use resources when working with children with disabilities in inclusive settings.


Each month the Head Start Center for Inclusion focuses on one topic that will help Head Start programs include children with disabilities in their classroom and other programs. A variety of information and tools will be gathered to give you a full in-depth look at the topic in a very short time frame, 15 minutes. Each month you will see a combination of the following: PowerPoint presentation; research brief; tools for classrooms, teachers, and coordinators; resources for families; video clips; and additional resources. 15-minute Inclusion In-service Overview»

15-minute Inclusion In-service Overview. Head Start Center for Inclusion. 2009. English.

Last Reviewed: January 2017

Last Updated: January 23, 2017