Head Start Disabilities Services Newsletters

The Head Start Disabilities Services Newsletter is produced monthly by the National Center on Early Childhood Development, Teaching, and Learning (NCECDTL). It is dedicated to staff working with young children with disabilities and their families. This page provides current and past issues of the newsletter.

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January 2017 [PDF, 227KB]

In this issue, learn more about interim services. The term refers to services that meet a child’s unique needs in the period of time after a referral has been made, and before the child is deemed eligible and receives an individualized plan. Explore policies related to interim services. Learn how programs can plan for, provide, and engage families in these services. This issue also spotlights a program implementing interim services.

Previous issues of the series have been archived by year. Select a year to start exploring.


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August 2015 [PDF, 136KB]

This issue highlights the Division for Early Childhood (DEC) Recommended Practices along with a glossary of terms. It also has resources and information on the early detection of autism in very young children. The families section offers a link to a free booklet for families to download and fill out with information about their children. They can pass this booklet on to their children's preschool or kindergarten teachers.

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July 2015 [PDF, 127KB]

This issue highlights differences between screening and assessment. It also includes resources and information about children who have disabilities and are dual language learners.

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June 2015 [PDF, 129KB]

This issue features resources and information about how to collaborate with families to support children with challenging behavior.

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May 2015 [PDF, 115KB]

This issue features resources and information on staff zoning and teacher communication to support the teaching of children with disabilities and special needs in Head Start classrooms.

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April 2015 [PDF, 225KB]

This issue gives information and resources on how to create successful inclusive programs for young children with disabilities.

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March 2015 [PDF, 125KB]

This issue highlights resources for how to organize and display child assessment data. Learn how to make decisions using the data to improve outcomes.

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February 2015 [PDF, 113KB]

This issue features resources and information about how to help children with disabilities who have feeding difficulties.

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January 2015 [PDF, 94KB]

This issue focuses on the importance of physical activity for children with disabilities. It discusses how to make adaptations to typical classroom movement games. The issue also takes a closer look at the I Am Moving, I Am Learning (IMIL) Head Start Curriculum from the National Center on Health.

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Last Updated: January 24, 2017