Child Advocacy/Children's Issues in Child Development

Links and brief descriptions are provided for sites sponsored by governmental and private agencies. Policymakers and other professionals concerned with the issues of children will find these resources useful. In addition, three free publications are included: an electronic news digest, a journal, and annual data report available on-line as well as in print.

The listing of the following resources should not be construed as being all inclusive. Nor, should the listing be interpreted to imply any Government endorsement or favoring of any organization, personnel, products, services, or activities of the private sector.


For policymakers and other professionals concerned with the issues of disadvantaged children, 15 sites on Governmental and private agencies and three free publications that include an electronic news digest, and a journal and annual data report available on-line as well as in print.

Administration for Children and Families, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
For professionals working for the economic and social well being of families, children, and communities. ACF's programs address childcare, child abuse, child welfare, and child development. The site links to ACF programs, as well as broader HHS initiatives.

Annie E. Casey Foundation
The Annie E. Casey Foundation is a private charity dedicated to helping provide better futures for disadvantaged children of the United States. The site provides updates on AEC initiatives, evaluations and reports, and data on the well being of children.

Center For The Child Care Workforce
Established in 1978, the Center for the Child Care Workforce strives to bring fair wages to those who provide care to America's children. The site provides links to their research and publications and to a network of professionals working for change within the child care workforce.

Children's Bureau
Within the Federal Administration for Children and Families, the Children's Bureau assists States to provide of child welfare services to protect children and empower families. The agency provides grants to States, Tribes and communities to operate a range of child welfare programs including child protective services (child abuse and neglect), family preservation and support, foster care, adoption and independent living support.

Children's Defense Fund
CDF is a private, non-profit organization founded in 1973 to provide an effective voice for all the children in America who cannot vote, lobby, or speak for themselves, especially impoverished and minority children and those with disabilities. The site provides statistics on the well being of America's children and other reports and links to child advocacy groups.

Children's Rights Council
CRC is a national non-profit organization that works to assure children meaningful and continuing contact with parents and extended family regardless of the parents' marital status. The site offers opportunities for membership, links to State chapters and affiliates, and research and legislative information.

Child Welfare League of America
CWLA develops and promotes programs to protect America's children. Over 1,000 public and private nonprofit members make up this organization, which serves over 3 million abused and neglected children and their families. The site provides publications, conference and training opportunities, positive parenting tips, and professional development resources.

Council for Exceptional Children
CEC works to improve educational outcomes for individuals with exceptionalities, students with disabilities, and/or the gifted. CEC advocates for appropriate governmental policies, develops professional standards, and provides continual professional development. The site provides information about training and education opportunities, as well as publications for educators.

National Association of Child Advocates
For State and local child advocacy organizations, NACA provides information on critical issues affecting children and families; sponsors national conferences and regional training opportunities for the continuing education of child advocates; and offers technical assistance. The site provides links to publications, training opportunities, and State contacts.

Court-Approinted Special Advocates for Children
CASA speaks for the best interests in the courts of abused and neglected children. CASA promotes and supports quality volunteer representation for children with a goal to ensure each child a permanent, nurturing home. The site provides information about the organization's national conference, as well as a national directory of State CASA programs.

National Center For Children In Poverty
NCCP works to develop strategies to decrease the number of young children living in poverty in the United States and to improve the life chances of the millions of children under age six who are growing up poor. The site links to the organization's newsletters and publications and to outside resources including State and local information on the topic of children and poverty.

National Indian Child Welfare Association
NICWA is a private non-profit organization working to build tribal capacity to prevent child abuse and neglect. NICWA helps tribes conduct needs assessments, design and develop programs, and provides workshops and training programs using culturally appropriate training materials, curricula, books, pamphlets, posters and public service announcements. The site links to the catalog of those materials.

Welfare Information Network (Finance Project)
For policymakers and welfare reform professionals, the Welfare Information Network is a clearinghouse for information, policy analysis, and technical assistance on welfare reform and other related topics. The site links to Federal and State legislation, regulations, and guidance, and to the full-text of many on-line articles.

Publications Available Online

Child Maltreatment 1997: Reports From The States To The National Child Abuse And Data System
Each year the Children's Bureau publishes child abuse and neglect statistics reported by State child protective services agencies. Data is on preventive services provided to children, reports of child maltreatment, rates and types of maltreatment, characteristics of victims of maltreatment, and services provided.

Children's Bureau Express
Available on-line in full-text, the Children's Bureau Express is a monthly newsletter designed for professionals concerned with child abuse and neglect, child welfare, and adoption. The Children's Bureau Express is published by the National Clearinghouse on Child Abuse and Neglect Information and the National Adoption Information Clearinghouse.

Future Of Children
Future of Children is a journal published twice each year by The David and Lucile Packard Foundation, to provide timely information on major issues related to children's well-being. The full-text of the journal is available electronically on this site.


Eleven sites and one online article on child development guidelines, issues, resources for parents, caregivers, educators, and other professionals.

Child Development Institute
For parents, this site describes physical, mental and emotional growth and development in children and teenagers. Subscribe free to the "Ezine" monthly newsletter; download the BAIR Web Filtering System, one tool to filter out potentially objectionable graphic Web content.

Cooperative Extension Service's National Network For Child Care
For child care professionals and teachers of infants through school-age children. This service of the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Cooperative Extension Service provides information on child care programming with articles on play and learning, including helping children to deal with anger, stress, and fear; developmentally appropriate practice, teaching strategies, and research and evaluation. Also links to activity and curricula resources and articles in Spanish on activities and model programs.
For teachers and parents, provides opportunities to discuss lifelong learning issues with other professionals. also provides articles and ideas on new classroom activities, including cultural and societal diversity.

Early Childhood Education Online
For professionals, this site provides links to organizations with information on child development stages, guidelines and issues from infancy through school-age children. Includes information on diversity; observation and assessment; curricula and environments; professional development; Internet tutorials and tools.

National Association For The Education Of Young Children
For early childhood professionals and others devoted to improving the quality of early childhood education for children birth through age 8. Discusses improvements in professional practice and working conditions in the field, and increasing public understanding and support, provides position statements on critical issues in early childhood education.

National Black Child Development Institute
For professionals, this site reflects the mission of the National Black Child Development Institute to improve and protect the quality of life of African American children and families. Includes publications such as a sample curriculum of the Parenting Empowerment Project, other publications, conference information and public policy information.

National Institute On Early Childhood Development And Education
For families, educators, communities, and policymakers, this site sponsored by the U.S. Department of Education provides information on research and development funding opportunities, coordination activities, and topical papers. Focuses upon the importance of relationships, resilience, and readiness to help America's children succeed in school and beyond -- and to better their quality of life and that of their families.

New Horizons For Learning
For educators and other professionals, this site contains information and links to resources on multi-cultural education, special needs, technology, and an on-line course on environmental education. New Horizons for Learning is an international, non-profit educational network.

Zero To Three
For parents, caregivers, and clinicians working for the healthy development of infants and toddlers. Includes information on brain development, understanding developmental assessment, and information on childcare and training for professionals.


Assessing The Development Of Preschoolers
By Lilian G. Katz
For parents, this digest outlines specific categories that parents can use to look at their own young children's behavior and achievements and decide what aspects of their child's development need special encouragement, support, or intervention.


Forty-one sites for teachers and parents with information and publications about speech, hearing, language, movement, giftedness, and learning issues; support and advocacy; the Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA); family and State resources, and technology.

American Occupational Therapy Association, Inc.
AOTA's website provides information on occupational therapy, publications, association conferences, and periodicals. The search function permits searching a bibliographic database of AOTA journals and periodicals.

American Speech-Language-Hearing Association
Provides information on speech, language and hearing disorders. Offers written materials to educate consumers of audiology and speech-language pathology services related to a range of disabilities. Offers abstracts of association journal articles.

Commonly Asked Questions About Child Care Centers And The Americans With Disabilities Act
This U.S. Department of Justice document provides information on the Americans with Disabilities Act (IDEA) in question-and-answer format.

Council For Exceptional Children
Information for professionals on CEC training programs, professional standards and accreditation, publications, and public policy and legislation relating to exceptional children and special education.

Council For Exceptional Children Division Of Early Childhood
For professionals who work with or on behalf of children with special needs, ages birth through 8, and their families. Includes information on services, position statements, government action and the Division's journals.

Early Childhood Research Institute On Inclusion
A Federally-funded research project to study the inclusion of preschool children with disabilities in typical preschool, day care and community settings. Describes research that has been done at a number of sites, and links to other helpful Internet web pages related to inclusion.

For parents, teachers, and children, an interactive Internet guide to learning disabilities. The site presents an array of information resources, including KidZone, the LD Calendar, and full-length articles on various types of learning disabilities. A full Spanish version is available.

National Center For Learning Disabilities
Provides national information center and outreach on education and policy issues related to learning disabilities.

National Institute Of Child Health And Human Development (NICHD)
As part of the National Institutes of Health, NICHD administers a multidisciplinary program of research and public information on reproductive, neurobiological, developmental, and behavioral health issues.

National Institute On Deafness And Other Communication Disorders (NIDCD)
At the National Institutes of Health, NIDCD conducts and supports biomedical and behavioral research on hearing, balance, smell, voice, taste, speech, and language.

National Institute of Neurological Disorders And Stroke (NINDS)
This Institute is one of the lead agencies for the congressionally designated Decade of the Brain. It supports biomedical research on disorders of the brain and nervous system. Fact sheets on autism, PDD, and Asperger's Syndrome are available here, along with information on hydrocephalus and other brain disorders.

National Information Center For Children And Youth With Disabilities (NICHCY)
This site provides information on disabilities and disability-related issues regarding children for families, educators, and professionals. Publications include fact sheets on specific disabilities, State resources sheets, and parent guides, bibliographies and issue papers. NICHCY also provides a companion Spanish site at:

National Organization For Rare Disorders, Inc.
NORD is a federation of voluntary health organizations. It is dedicated to helping locate information about rare "orphan" diseases. Supports education, advocacy, research, and other services. This site provides an electronic newsletter and a rare disease database.

Office Of Special Education And Rehabilitative Services (OSERS)
Site of the Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services (OSERS) U.S. Department of Education.

Office Of Special Education Programs (OSEP)
Provides leadership and fiscal resources to assist state and local efforts to educate children with disabilities. Provides links to the IDEA statute and regulations and information on OSEP-funded programs.

Special Education Resources On The Internet
For parents and educators, SERI provides links to information of interest to those involved in Special Education. Links are organized by category.

Social Security Benefits
Complete directory of Social Security Administration's electronic pamphlets and fact sheets on SSA's benefit programs, including Disability and Supplemental Security Income programs.

We Move Worldwide Education and Awareness for Movement Disorders
For parents and professionals, this site provides information about movement disorders. Links to advocacy and support organizations for ataxia, dystonia, Rett syndrome, cerebral palsy, Tourette syndrome, and other movement disorders. Contains a section on medications used to treat movement disorders. The site also reports on recent conferences on various movement disorders.

Families And Advocates Partnership For Education (FAPE)
A partnership of parent and advocacy organizations form the Families and Advocates Partnership for Education (FAPE) to deliver consistent, accurate and timely information on IDEA Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) to families, self-advocates, and advocates nationwide. The project will disseminate promising practices and research findings.

Parent Advocacy Coalition For Educational Rights (PACER)
PACER's mission is to improve and expand opportunities that enhance the quality of life for children and young adults with all disabilities - physical, mental, emotional, learning - and their families. Its programs help parents become informed and effective representatives for their children. This site provides information about laws, resources and parents' rights and responsibilities.

This series was an initiative of Laura Bush as the First Lady of Texas and sponsored by the Texas Department of Health. [Former] President Bush and Mrs. Bush have asked that this series of booklets be revised and distributed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, U.S. Department of Education, and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. 


Beach Center On Families And Disability
For families and educators, resources on improving the functioning of families who have members with disabilities. Provides undergraduate and graduate courses each semester in Family Studies and Disability, including distance learning. The News to Use section of this site provides information for families and educators on legal, policy, social and medical disability issues.

Deaf Aztlan
A website that is primarily by, for and about the deaf Latino community in the United States. Content is presented in both Spanish and English.

Exceptional Parent
For families of children with disabilities and professionals who serve them, this site provides on-line access to the resources of Exceptional Parent Magazine. Provides information, support, ideas, encouragement and outreach for parents and families of children with disabilities and the professionals who work with them. Lists and links to companies that specialize in developing products for those with special needs. Provides over 100 association links.

Family Village
A Global Community of Disability-Related Resources
This site is for persons with cognitive and other disabilities, their families, and for those who provide services and support. Includes informational resources on specific diagnoses, communication connections, adaptive products and technology, adaptive recreational activities, education, worship, health issues, disability-related media and literature, and more. Under Community Resources are links to more than 30 other health-related sites including Latino resources.

The Learning Disabilities Association Of America: Nurturing Oral Language Skills in Infants and Young Children
Provides simple activities that parents can do to foster early language skills.

Technical Assistance Alliance For Parent Centers (U.S. Department of Education)
Operated by PACER, this office coordinates the national network of Parent Training and Information Centers (PTIs), that provide training and information to parents of children with disabilities and to professionals. PTIs are funded to support meeting children's educational needs under IDEA.


National Early Childhood Technical Assistance System
This site provided by NECTAS lists early childhood State Coordinators for Part C and Section 619 Preschool Special Education in every State.

Nichcy State Resource Sheets
Allows the user to click on the state of choice to bring up lists of state senators; state governors; state agencies serving children and youth with disabilities; state chapters of disability organizations and parent groups; and parent training and information projects.

Parent Training And Information Centers And Community Groups In The United States
Lists parent centers in each state that provide training and information to parents of infants, toddlers, school-aged children, and young adults with disabilities and the professionals who work with their families.


Center For Assistive Technology
For professionals and students, the Center at the University of Buffalo conducts research, and provides education and service to increase knowledge about assistive devices for persons with disabilities. The site contains links to disability and rehabilitation, assistive technology, and architecture and design websites.

National Center To Improve Practice
View the 9-minute video feature that provides strategies for using multimedia to improve the writing skills of students with learning disabilities.


Thirty-six sites on health guidelines and a Government health insurance initiative, safety in child care, medical, healthcare and pharmaceutical information, parenting, disease prevention, nutrition and safety.

American Academy Of Pediatrics
Publications and information about child health, health policy, parenting, and pediatric practices. The site also offers a searchable collection of journal abstracts.

American Public Health Association
APHA is the oldest and largest organization of public health professionals in the world, representing more than 50,000 members from over 50 occupations of public health.

Offers timely information on topics covering pre-natal to toddler development, including health, nutrition, parenting, childcare among others. Parenting chat rooms and electronic bulletin boards are available. Includes a shop our store section that can be searched under many categories of baby products and equipment.

Bright Futures
Bright Futures is sponsored by Maternal and Child Health Bureau, Health Resources and Services Administration, supported in part by Pfizer Pediatric Health. Bright Futures material is produced by National Center for Education in Maternal and Child Health and is not copyrighted. "The goal of Bright Futures is to respond to current and emerging preventive and health promotion needs of infants, children, adolescents, families, and communities."

Centers For Disease Control
Contains information on current disease prevention topics. There is a wonderful section on Infants and Children in the Health Information Area (see next reference).

CDC's Infants And Children's Health Page
This section is part of the CDC website. This site addresses a long list of topics that includes airbag safety, baby bottle tooth decay, playground injuries, and childhood diseases.

Children's Health Insurance Program
Health Care Financing Administration's (HCFA) informational website on the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP, formerly SCHIP).

Dr. Greene's Housecalls
Pediatrician Alan Greene provides detailed answers to medical and parenting questions. The site also includes a searchable medical encyclopedia.

Contains both information and links to areas on the web concerning healthcare and pharmaceutical-related topics.

Head Start Region IV Health ListServ
Join the listserv devoted to discussing a wide variety of health issues in Head Start programs.

A free gateway to consumer health and human service information developed by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Healthfinder® leads to selected on-line publications, clearinghouses, databases, websites, and support and self-help groups, as well as the Government agencies and not-for-profit organizations that produce health information.

Healthy Child Care America
This Federal Government initiative works to increase collaboration between the early childhood community and the public health community to create the best care for children in childcare. A newsletter is available full-text on-line, from 1997 to the present.

Healthy Childcare-Health And Safety Ideas For The Young Child
For parents and professionals who work with parents, this is the on-line version of the magazine by the same name. The site includes reproducible parent information sheets and mini-posters.

Kidshealth At The American Medical Association (AMA)
For parents and educators, KidsHealth provides doctor-approved health information about children ages 2 through 18, created by The Nemours Foundation Center for Children's Health Media. The site has separate areas for kids, teens, and parents - each area designed with age-appropriate content.

Kidsource On-line
Parents founded KidSource OnLine to make a positive and lasting difference in the lives of parents and their children. It contains education and healthcare information for parents.

The Maternal And Child Health Bureau
The Maternal and Child Health Bureau's site provides full-text factsheets on the dangers of looped window cords, SIDS, nutrition, bike safety, hepatitis B, and other subjects. Many of the publications provided are available in several languages.

National Center For Education In Maternal And Child Health
NCEMCH provides national leadership to the maternal and child health community to improve the health and well being of the nation's children and families.

National Institute Of Child Health And Human Development
Primarily for professionals, NICHD administers a multidisciplinary program of research and public information on reproductive, neurobiological, developmental, and behavioral health processes that determine and maintain the health of children, adults, families and populations.

National Resource Center For Health And Safety In Child Care
The site provides information to promote health and safety in out-of-home childcare settings, and includes the National Health and Safety Performance Standards and child care licensure requirements throughout the nation. The Maternal and Child Health Bureau, U.S. Department of Health & Human Services funds the Resource Center.

National Safe Kids Campaign
For parents and professionals, not only does the National Safe Kids Campaign's page provide links to additional health and safety sites, it also has an extensive collection of factsheets on topics that include prevention of bicycle injuries, drowning, scald burn injuries, poisoning, and sports injuries.

Noah: New York On-line Access To Health
The NOAH project is the result of a joint effort between City University of New York, Metropolitan New York Library Council, New York Academy of Medicine and New York Public Library. This site is bilingual--providing health information in both English and Spanish, and has extensive information on all aspects of healthcare.
A site by the publishers of the PDR (the Physicians Desk Reference) that provides drug information and more. Allows access by type of user: nurses, pharmacists, and consumers.

Pharmaceutical Manufacturer Information
Links to the websites of drug manufacturers.

RxList - The Internet Drug Index
This site will help you find out about specific drugs and their actions. Just typing in the name of the drug yields a wealth of information.

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Office Of Children's Health Protection
Information for professionals, this site by the EPA Office of Children's Health Protection provides information and parent education materials on protecting children from environmental health threats. Topics include helping children to breathe easier, protecting children from lead and carbon monoxide poisoning, pesticides and other toxic chemicals. The site also includes find information about childhood cancer, asthma, and developmental and neurological problems.

U.S. Department Of Health And Human Services, Office Of Minority Health
Provides information on subjects related to cultural competence, including the provision of health and other services to minority children. Telephone: 800-444-6742


Ten sites that provide information on topics that include school readiness, teaching of math and science, and literacy for teachers and early childhood professionals; includes an online publication and article on early childhood education.

American Association For The Advancement Of Science: Project 2061
For science educators, this site contains full-text of the Projects' publications, including Benchmarks for Science Literacy, a tool for curriculum design. The Association's goal is to define science literacy and bring science to all Americans.

Federal Citizen Information Center
In addition to providing links to the full-text of factsheets and pamphlets on children's learning, this page also provides information on how to order multiple copies of many free pamphlets.

A Head Start On Science
For teachers, teacher assistants, and home visitors, the site provides information on "A Head Start on Science" goal to instill a lifelong interest in science for the project participants and the children and families with whom they work. This website provides a description of the project, lists sample science activities for children, and gives contact information for teacher training opportunities.

National Council Of Teachers Of Mathematics
For parents and teachers, NCTM is a national nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the teaching and learning of mathematics. This site provides math teachers with classroom activities, professional development opportunities, and access to NCTM's product and conference information. Also included on the site is a "Family Corner" at which parents can find mathematics activities for to do at home.

National Science Teachers Association
NSTA was founded in 1944 and promotes excellence and innovation in science education. In addition to providing information about ordering the association's journals and materials, this website provides professional development materials, upcoming conference and meeting details, classroom science activities, and information on ordering the Association's journals.

ReadyWeb is an electronic collection of resources on school readiness sponsored by the ERIC Clearinghouse on Elementary and Early Childhood Education at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. On the ReadyWeb site are a virtual library of the full text of documents and articles, links to other documents and articles, bibliographies and journal articles from the ERIC database.

On-line Article And Publication:
Craig, Dorothy Valcarcel. "Technology, Math, and the Early Learner: Models for Learning." Early Childhood Education Journal. 27:3 (2000): 179-184. As today's preschoolers become the elementary school-aged children of tomorrow, early childhood educators must face the challenge of integrating technology into mathematics instruction. This article looks at theory, standards, guidelines and rationale that supports technology in the preschool environment.

Early Childhood: Where Learning Begins: Mathematics (U.S. Department of Education)
A publication of the U. S. Department of Education, this on-line document provides mathematics activities that parents can do with their children. Through the experience children will also gain skills to ready them for kindergarten. The activities found here build language skills, increase thinking and problem-solving abilities, enhance social skills, promote large and small muscle development, and increase general knowledge.


Thirty-seven sites for practitioners, consumers, and policymakers on mental health topics including depression, eating disorders, anxiety, behavior issues, mental health screening, advocacy and legal information.

At Health Mental Health
Addressed to both the practitioner and the consumer, the theme of this site is that mental health touches everyone. The site provides referrals, mental health news, books, information about disorders and conditions, and about medications.

The Children's Mental Health Education Campaign
Knowledge Exchange Network (KEN)'s site to publicize a four-year national public education campaign to increase awareness about the emotional problems of America's children and adolescents and gain support for needed services.

Facts For Families
This site of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (AACAP) includes its series of fact sheets, "Facts for Families" on mental health issues that affect children, teenagers, and their families. Many of the fact sheets are available in Spanish.

Internet Mental Health
A free international encyclopedia of mental health information. Information is organized by the most common mental disorders and contains descriptions, treatment and research information, booklets (from professional organizations and support groups), and articles (from national magazines, professional newsletters, and newspapers).

Knowledge Exchange Network (KEN)
Knowledge Exchange Network (KEN) presented by the Center for Mental Health Services (CMHS) provides information about mental health services for the general public, policy makers, providers, and the media.

Mental Health Net
A nonprofit mental health organization providing on-line information and educational resources to the global community. Its main underwriter at this time is CMHC Systems, a mental health software developer.

The National Mental Illness Screening Project
Works with national, professional, psychiatric, medical and psychological organizations to coordinate nationwide mental health screening programs. At this time, topics include depression, eating disorders, suicide, and anxiety. The website provides useful articles, examples of free anonymous screening questions, and helps to locate qualified local health professionals by state and city for each mental health topic.

Pediatric Development And Behavior
The Pediatric Developmental and Behavior homepage promotes better care and outcomes for children and families affected by developmental, learning, and behavioral problems by providing access to clinically relevant information and educational material for physicians, fellows, resident physicians, and students. It may also be of interest to psychologists, nurses, nurse practitioners, social workers, therapists, educators, and parents.

SAMSHA's National Mental Health Center
Contains mental health information related to U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) research, programs, policies, and media campaigns and highlights the latest research findings and policy efforts. Available in Spanish.


Judge David L. Bazelon Center For Mental Health Law
Judge David L. Bazelon Center for Mental Health Law provides legal information and advocacy for people with mental disabilities. Website provides relevant news alerts, a listing of available publications and upcoming conferences, with a special section devoted to advocacy resources for children's mental health services. This section includes information for advocates on the on the Children's SSI Program and Child Health Insurance Program (CHIP) for families and advocates. Tel: 202-467-5730

National Alliance For The Mentally Ill (NAMI)
A primary source for information and helpful referral on all aspects of mental illness. Informs the general public that mental illnesses are no-fault, biologically based, treatable, and may eventually be curable. Encourages educators and caregivers to incorporate current research into mental illness practice. This site contains sections for youth and families.

National Center For Children In Poverty
Provides information and analysis of policies and trends in child poverty, including the identification of strategies to help children overcome the risks associated with poverty. An electronic version of a NCCP publication "Lessons from the Field: Head Start Mental Health Strategies to Meet Changing Needs" is an example of their work and is available at the site.

National Mental Health Association
Promotes mental health through advocacy, education, research and services. A section of this website is devoted to children and families. Contains information about government affairs and the state and federal levels.

Parent Advocacy Coalition For Educational Rights (PACER)
PACER's mission is to improve and expand opportunities that enhance the quality of life for children and young adults with physical, mental, emotional, learning disabilities and their families. Its programs help parents become informed and effective representatives for their children. This site provides information about laws, resources and parents' rights and responsibilities.

The Kentucky Department of Education and the University of Kentucky collaborate on this web page on student behavior. The site allows school personnel, parents, and other professionals to access information, share effective practices, and receive ongoing consultation and technical assistance concerning the full range of behavior problems and challenges displayed by children and youth in school and community settings.

Introduction To Functional Behavioral Assessment And Behavior Intervention Plans
Designed for the Individual Education Plan team, this is a training manual for developing and conducting functional behavioral assessments and behavior intervention plans. The authors address the student's behavioral, cognitive, and affective functions.

Positive Behavioral Support
IDEA requires that the Individualized Education Program (IEP) team consider strategies, including positive behavioral interventions and supports, to address inappropriate behavior that impedes a student's learning and/or the learning of others. This issue describes promising research in using positive behavioral supports to improve learning opportunities for students with disabilities. A part of the Beach Center on Families and Disability which is funded by the National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research (NIDRR) of the U.S Department of Education.


C.H.A.D.D. Parenting A Child With Attention Deficit Disorder
A nonprofit parent-based organization formed to better the lives of individuals with attention deficit disorders and those who care for them. This searchable site contains, in addition to AD/HD fact sheets, and legislative updates, a section on CHADD's position on school discipline issues for children with AD/HD.

Federation Of Families For Children's Mental Health
National parent-run organization focusing on the mental health needs of children and youth and their families, encouraging family participation and support in systems of care. Contains listing of available publications, legislative updates, and information on managed care with local chapter and affiliate contacts.


The Center For Mental Health Services, Substance Abuse And Mental Health Services Administration
Contains information on the Children's Campaign, community support, emergency services, HIV/AIDS, homelessness, managed care, mental health statistics, protection and advocacy, special populations, and state planning.

"Commonly Asked Questions About Child Care Centers And The Americans With Disabilities Act"
U.S. Department of Justice document that provides information on the Americans with Disabilities Act in question-and-answer format.

National Institute Of Mental Health
Offers the latest information from NIMH about the symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment of various mental illnesses. Included are brochures and information sheets, reports, press releases, fact sheets, and other educational materials.

Office Of Special Education And Rehabilitative Services (OSERS)
Site of the Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services (OSERS) U.S. Department of Education. 

Social Security Benefits
Complete directory of Social Security Administration's electronic pamphlets and fact sheets on its benefit programs, including Disability and Supplemental Security Income programs.

Prevention And Early Intervention
Provides prevention practitioners with information on promising practices in mental health, education, special education, juvenile justice, and public policy. This site is maintained by the Center for Effective Collaboration and Practice at the American Institutes for Research in Washington, DC.

Promising Practices The Louis De La Parte Institute Florida Mental Health Institute
This site contains many search options, including access to the database of their library of children and family mental health. This database holds over 8,000 records of 18,692 monograph titles, audiovisual materials, and vertical file materials at the Institute Library. A number of State documents, working drafts and position papers will be found only on this database.


Parent Training And Information Centers And Community Groups In The United States
Lists parent centers in each state that provide training and information to parents of infants, toddlers, school-aged children, and young adults with disabilities and the professionals who work with their families.


A sampling of 16 sites on school nutrition, nutrition-awareness information for children and parents, and other nutrition-related sites.

American School Food Service Association (ASFSA)
Founded in 1946, the ASFSA has been improving the availability, quality and acceptance of school nutrition programs. The association strives to see that all children have access to healthful school meals and nutrition education. This site provides links to regulatory, legislative, and industry nutritional news, as well as an electronic newsletter and helpful recipes.

Dole 5-A-Day
This site sponsored by the Dole Food Company focuses on the National Cancer Institute's recommendation to eat five servings of fruits and vegetables daily. The site has a section for children and one for educators. Included in the educators' section are nutrition-related classroom activities and materials as well as a "Fruit and Vegetable Encyclopedia" that provides nutritional information, as well as fun facts.

Education World
Education World's Nutrition page provides an extensive list of nutrition websites for teachers. Also on this page are direct links to websites containing lesson plans on the topic of nutrition.

Feeding Young Children In Group Settings
"Feeding Young Children in Group Settings" is an educational program aimed at childcare professionals, educators, food service workers, and anyone who trains staff or parents on issues related to feeding. The series includes four sessions that will be broadcast live via satellite and may be taped for later use.

Food Safety is a gateway website that provides links to selected government food safety-related information. Included is information on foodborne pathogens, tips on cooking food to ensure safety and the importance of hand washing. There is a section for kids and educators, which includes materials written in language that children can understand.

Kidshealth At The American Medical Association
This Health and Nutrition page is aimed at parents and provides information on feeding children from newborns through age two, information about reading food labels, children's weight, and tips on food safety at home.

Kidsource On-line
KidSource OnLine is a group of parents who want to make a positive and lasting difference in the lives of parents and children. The KidSource Nutrition page lists and "rates" articles on the topic of nutrition, addressing such issues as osteoporosis prevention, childhood obesity, and breastfeeding.

National Agricultural Library's Food And Nutrition Information Center
The National Agricultural Library's Food and Nutrition Information Center (FNIC) is part of the US Department of Agriculture (USDA). In addition to general information about on topics such as nutrition, food safety and food allergies, childcare professionals will be interested in the Child Care Nutrition Resource System, which provides recipes and resources specific to the child care industry.

TeachFree, which is sponsored by the National Cattlemen's Beef Association and the Beef Board, is a website providing educators with access to high-quality, peer-reviewed, free supplemental classroom kits. Nutrition, health, food safety and food production are examples of the topics covered.

Tufts University Nutrition Navigator
The Tufts University's School of Nutrition Science and Policy presents this rating guide to nutrition websites. With sections geared specifically to women, children, educators, health professionals, and those with special dietary needs, this is a very targeted resource.

Federal Citizen Information Center - Food
In addition to providing links to the full-text of factsheets and pamphlets on a wide variety of food and nutrition topics, this page also provides information on how to order multiple copies of the pamphlets.

USDA/ARS Children's Nutrition Research Center (CNRC)
CNRC is a cooperative venture between Baylor College of Medicine, Texas Children's Hospital and the U.S. Department of Agriculture/Agricultural Research Service (USDA/ARS). The CNRC is dedicated to outlining the nutritional needs of children, from conception through adolescence, as well as the needs of pregnant women and nursing mothers. Their website provides scientific data that will enable healthcare providers and policy advisors to make dietary recommendations that will benefit the health of today's children and that of generations to come. Also offered on the website is the opportunity to subscribe to the Center's free electronic nutrition newsletter.

USDA Center For Nutrition Policy And Promotion
The Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion is made up primarily of nutritionists, nutrition scientists, and economists. The Center is responsible for developing and coordinating nutrition policy within the USDA; preparing periodic updates on the expense of family food plans and of raising children; and investigating techniques for successful nutrition communication for Americans. Their website provides links to the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, as well as recipes and tips for healthy and inexpensive meals.

USDA Food Guide Pyramid For Young Children
Found on the USDA's Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion's website, this page provides links to the USDA Food Guide Pyramid, in a variety of formats for use in the classroom. Also on this page is background information about the pyramid and contact information for those needing additional information.

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Last Updated: October 6, 2014