Steps to Success Facilitator Guide Unit 1 Module 2

Effective Mentor-Coach and Protégé Relationships

Warm, highly-skilled mentor-coaches play a huge role in an effective system. As is true with all learning, strong relationships make mentoring possible. As decision makers, you can"make or break" effective mentoring with the systems that you create. In this guide, you will find hands-on tips and tools that will help you build strong systems to support your mentor-coaches.



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Contents of the DVD
Unit 1, Module 2

Corresponding Section in the
Facilitators Guide

Defining and Supporting Mentor-Coaching Introduction to Building Relationships pp. F-3 through F-5
Values Appreciation Values Appreciation pp. F-6 through F-7
Cultural Sensitivity and Reflective Inquiry Cultural sensitivity and Reflective Inquiry pp. F-8 through F-16
Self-Reflection and Overcoming Biases Self-Reflection and Overcoming Biases pp. F-14 through F-16
Adult Learning Understanding How Adults Learn pp. F-18 through F-20
Early Literacy and Language Development with Infants and Toddlers Reading with Infants and Toddlers/Reading with 3 to 5 year-olds pp. F-22 through F-31
Head Start Child Outcomes for Preschool: Book Knowledge and Appreciation and Print Print Awareness and Concepts & Wrap-up 
pp. F-32 through F-34



Steps to Success Facilitator Guide Unit 1, Module 2: Effective Mentor-Coach and Protégé Relationships. HHS/ACF/ACYF/HSB. 2005. English.

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