Steps to Success Facilitator Guide Unit 1 Module 2: Values Appreciation (TVI)

Sharing who you are is the foundation to growing and appreciating other people’s values. Mentor-Coaches, in collaboration with their Steps to Success facilitator, will learn in Clip 2 of the Unit 1 Tutored Video Instruction (TVI) the definition of values and how personal experiences and respecting other’s values create an environment of shared understanding. The TVI panel emphasizes the importance of Mentor-Coaches and their protégés understanding values in a cultural context.

Steps to Success Facilitator Guide Unit 1 Module 2: Values Appreciation (TVI). HHS/ACF/ACYF/HSB. 2005. English. Streaming Video. 00:10:06.

Last Reviewed: May 2012

Last Updated: January 6, 2017