Eco-Friendly Guide

“Going green” is a broad and yet undefined term, especially when it comes to childcare centers. Directors, managers, and teaching teams can easily implement some of the “green” tips suggested for conserving water and electricity. Simple ideas to promote clean air are also offered in this very guide. Following-up with these simple suggestions makes all of us feel part of the important focus on “going green.”

What can be done to make our center green?

With the ubiquity of usage that the term “green” has seen in recent years, this question is on the mind of center directors, teacher and staff members throughout the world. This guide is an attempt to answer these questions: “What does "green" even mean?” and “What can I be doing in my part of the world to help our center become more “green?” Eco-Friendly Guide » [PDF, 2.9MB]

Eco-Friendly Guide. Nature Action Collaborative for Children. World Forum Foundation.2010. English. [PDF, 2.9MB]

Last Reviewed: November 2014

Last Updated: August 11, 2015