Research-Based Curricula and Teaching Practices

A high-quality, research-based curriculum provides learning goals and activities in key areas of children's development that reflect support for school readiness goals. A curriculum provides guidance on what to teach (content) and how to teach (learning experiences and teaching practices). The content is drawn from current child development science, the interests and ideas of the children, and the values of the community.

Choosing a Preschool Curriculum

Use these guides to help make informed decisions about choosing a preschool curriculum and assuring high-quality implementation of the curriculum.

This short video is an introduction that provides context for the Preschool Curriculum Consumer Report.

Curriculum Fidelity

This webinar helps Head Start administrators, teachers, home visitors, and child care partners understand and explore curriculum fidelity.

The Head Start Early Learning Outcomes Framework

The Head Start Early Learning Outcomes Framework is a key resource for selecting developmentally appropriate, research-based curricula. Use it to identify content that will promote children's development and learning in all the Framework domains.

Voices from the Field

Watch these previously recorded webinars to learn about current research on teaching practices and applying the practices in classrooms.

Head Start Resources

Last Reviewed: December 2016

Last Updated: January 13, 2017