Human Resources

Foster Grandparent Program

The Foster Grandparent Program provides grants to qualified agencies and organizations for two purposes. First to engage persons 60 and older, particularly those with limited incomes, in volunteer service and then to provide a high quality experience that will enrich the lives of the volunteers. Grantees may consider this program to assist them with meeting their 20 percent matching share. Program funds are used to support volunteers in providing supportive, person-to-person service to children with exceptional or special needs.

Section Contents

Subpart A—General

§2552.11   What is the Foster Grandparent Program?
§2552.12   Definitions.

Subpart B—Eligibility and Responsibilities of a Sponsor

§2552.21   Who is eligible to serve as a sponsor?
§2552.22   What are the responsibilities of a sponsor?
§2552.23   What are a sponsor's program responsibilities?
§2552.24   What are a sponsor's responsibilities for securing community participation?
§2552.25   What are a sponsor's administrative responsibilities?
§2552.26-2552.32   [Reserved]
§2552.33   May a sponsor administer more than one program grant from the Corporation?

Subpart C—Suspension and Termination of Corporation Assistance

§2552.34   What are the rules on suspension, termination, and denial of refunding of grants?

Subpart D—Foster Grandparent Eligibility, Status and Cost Reimbursements

§2552.41   Who is eligible to be a Foster Grandparent?
§2552.42   What types of criminal convictions or other adjudications disqualify an individual from serving as a Foster Grandparent or as a Foster Grandparent grant-funded employee?
§2552.43   What income guidelines govern eligibility to serve as a stipended Foster Grandparent?
§2552.44   What is considered income for determining volunteer eligibility?
§2552.45   Is a Foster Grandparent a federal employee, an employee of the sponsor or of the volunteer station?
§2552.46   What cost reimbursements are provided to Foster Grandparents?
§2552.47   May the cost reimbursements of a Foster Grandparent be subject to any tax or charge, be treated as wages or compensation, or affect eligibility to receive assistance from other programs?

Subpart E—Foster Grandparent Terms of Service

§2552.51   What are the terms of service of a Foster Grandparent?
§2552.52   What factors are considered in determining a Foster Grandparent's service schedule?
§2552.53   Under what circumstances may a Foster Grandparent's service be terminated?

Subpart F—Responsibilities of a Volunteer Station

§2552.61   May a sponsor serve as a volunteer station?
§2552.62   What are the responsibilities of a volunteer station?

Subpart G—Foster Grandparent Placements and Assignments

§2552.71   What requirements govern the assignment of Foster Grandparents?
§2552.72   Is a written volunteer assignment plan required for each volunteer?

Subpart H—Children Served

§2552.81   What type of children are eligible to be served?
§2552.82   Under what circumstances may a Foster Grandparent continue to serve an individual beyond his or her 21st birthday?

Subpart I—Application and Fiscal Requirements

§2552.91   What is the process for application and award of a grant?
§2552.92   What are project funding requirements?

Subpart J—Non-Stipended Foster Grandparents

§2552.101   What rule governs the recruitment and enrollment of persons who do not meet the income eligibility guidelines to serve as Foster Grandparents without stipends?
§2552.102   What are the conditions of service of non-stipended Foster Grandparents?
§2552.103   Must a sponsor be required to enroll non-stipended Foster Grandparents?
§2552.104   May Corporation funds be used for non-stipended Foster Grandparents?

Subpart K—Non-Corporation Funded Foster Grandparent Program Projects

§2552.111   Under what conditions can an agency or organization sponsor a Foster Grandparent project without Corporation funding?
§2552.112   What benefits are a non-Corporation funded project entitled to?
§2552.113   What financial obligation does the Corporation incur for non-Corporation funded projects?
§2552.114   What happens if a non-Corporation funded sponsor does not comply with the Memorandum of Agreement?

Subpart L—Restrictions and Legal Representation

§2552.121   What legal limitations apply to the operation of the Foster Grandparent Program and to the expenditure of grant funds?
§2552.122   What legal coverage does the Corporation make available to Foster Grandparents?