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List of Training Scenarios

Below you will find a series of scenarios with a description for each one. Each scenario provides a situation that a Head Start agency might face, followed by a series of questions designed to help Head Start agencies begin developing internal procedures and protocols that can be used to address similar situations.

How to Use this Resource

Instructions for Training Conducted by a Facilitator

Prior to setting up an in-service training with staff, facilitators are encouraged to download copies of the scenarios. Depending on the time allotted for your training, you can choose to use all or some of the scenarios. It is recommended to incorporate the use of the scenarios as part of the program’s transportation in-service training.

The materials needed to conduct the scenarios will vary. Facilitators are encouraged to use an overhead projector with a screen to project the scenarios on the screen. Access to the Internet is also suggested if you want to log in to the ECLKC. In addition, you may also want to use flip charts so that participants can chart their responses.

As the facilitator you will guide participants through the selected scenarios. Depending on the size of your training group, facilitators may elect to divide staff into groups and have participants discuss their responses among each other and then join the larger group to compare responses. Participants are encouraged to document their responses and identify ways that they can improve on their safety procedures for children and their parents.

Instructions for Self-Paced Training

The scenarios training series can be used as a self-paced training activity. It is important to know before you begin that you will have several scenarios to choose from and will have the option of reviewing them at your own pace, so there is no time limit.

To participate in the self-paced training activity, you will need access to the Internet and to a printer. You can always return to the scenarios page, but will not be able to save your answers.

As you read through each scenario, there will be a series of questions presented followed by a text box that you can use to type in your answers. Once you complete your answer, select the Submit button below the text box. If you would like to edit your response after you have submitted an answer, click in the text box.

To clear the text box, select the Clear button below the text box. After you have answered all of the questions on the page, you may print out your answers by choosing the Printer Friendly option at the bottom of the page. This information will not be saved.

In reviewing your responses to this scenario, thoughtful consideration should be given to all concerned parties, especially the Head Start child. Participants are encouraged to discuss their responses with their supervisors, other colleagues, and parents during in-service activities.