Human Resources

Strategic Use of Consultants - Interview Activities

An informative interview helps you to engage the right consultant. Information gleaned from the interview allows you to select the consultant most able to make a positive difference in your program.

To prepare for your interview, you will want to learn about the core knowledge, competencies, and dispositions of highly qualified consultants. The Characteristics of Highly Qualified Consultants handout [PDF, 193KB] can help you envision the consultant you need to achieve your program goals.

The following activities illustrates why taking the time to prepare for your interview and develop thoughtful questions will help you to secure the right person for the job.

Evaluate the Phone Interview

Review the items in the checklist. Next, watch the short video. As you do click the items in the checklist that the interviewer was able to accomplish.

  •  Learned of candidate’s intent to engage the governing body, Policy Council, and program managers
  •  Learned of candidate’s experience in the specific area that needs improvement
  •  Communicated clearly what needs to be accomplished
  •  Secured the candidate for the time period needed
  •  Explored with candidate different T/TA strategies
  •  Learned if candidate was familiar with HSPPS
  •  Secured professional references from candidate
  •  Secured a candidate that colleagues recommend