Head Start A to Z, 2.0

Training and Professional Development

Woman reading attentively in her laptop.Strengthening the early childhood workforce is a key goal of the Office of Head Start (OHS). Professional development systems at all levels help promote coordinated and effective learning paths that support this goal. This session will help programs gain a deeper understanding of the Head Start Program Performance Standards and Head Start Act regulations around training and professional development.

This presentation provides guidance to Head Start grantees on how to design effective training and professional development programs. It also describes the help available to grantees through the OHS Training and Technical Assistance (TTA) System. The materials assist programs in planning and providing professional development opportunities throughout their five-year program cycles. Programs can also learn to design a training and professional development system that supports the continuous improvement of services to children and families.

To get started, open the session description and script below. It provides an overview of the entire session, a chart to customize training, detailed presenter notes, and suggestions for using the handouts and activities.

Session Description and Script

PowerPoint Presentation

Activities and Handouts