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Family Engagement Coordinator - Piqua
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Council on Rural Services
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  • Carry forth the Vision, Mission, and Core Values of the agency.
  • Develop and formalize service and referral partnerships throughout the service area.
  • Enthusiastic champion of effective real time data entry and electronic technology to ensure program integrity.
  • Monitor relevant program data to ensure adherence to timelines and quality.
  • Mentor and advise staff, parent and service providers to ensure quality of program services.
  • Focus on the eligibility, recruitment, selection, enrollment and attendance of children in the program.
  • Actively recruit and sustain members and act as a member of the Health Services Advisory Committee. Actively recruit and sustain members to Policy Council and attend monthly meetings.
  • Support Family Advocates and Home Visitors in establishing and maintaining active and engaged center parent committees and ongoing parent engagement.
  • Develop and implement the Parent, Family, and Community Engagement Framework. Provide ongoing training and individualized coaching and ongoing support to all staff, beginning with orientation.
  • Be actively involved in the continuous improvement process of program services. Be actively engaged in our communities. Generate and correctly record non-federal share hours of families and volunteers. Communicate all necessary information to the appropriate staff.
  • Attend all trainings required by the agency.
  • Maintain confidentiality in all areas for families and staff.
  • Adhere to all agency and program policies.
  • Perform other duties as assigned by supervisor.
  • Work Experience Required:  5 years of related experience. Requires strong written and oral communication skills.
  • Education and Training:  Bachelor’s degree in Health, Social Services or a related field.
  • Special Conditions:  Demonstrate leadership skills necessary to communicate and implement federal performance standards, agency policies and the Vision and Mission statements to fellow employees and the public. Ability to demonstrate the physical and cognitive capabilities essential for completing the functions of the job, including travel within the nine county area, a flexible work schedule with evening and weekend hours. A valid driver’s license and a driving history acceptable to agency insurer.

To apply, go to:  https://careers.councilonruralservices.org/cyberweb/Careers.aspx?adata=EPEEzM9kTNlX%2bjMfWZCLT9FKr5Dn5Uf50jdgLTojMkdXefbN4%2f%2fn3dFETQv%2brIWSvrAgtF47YZJSjquiaPATb11O3MT%2bqM44z22WqR3pqm87UzGA8rozXTFbM5vedKVPaoruxF0wc6fmaUw14Y5UcCwucwGxKSrpof%2ftsY7EmQtqayNSpKUo%2b9UOUGpvlPSLqeTBhqh9Kiqt%2f7cAwqRKVDAzPosdIg48L18bTgGUOmQu