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Teacher Advocate - Kalispell
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Northwest Montana Head Start
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    1.    Develop and utilize developmentally appropriate lesson plans and classroom materials that reflect parental and cultural influences, and promote social, emotional, physical, and cognitive development based on individual child goals, IEPs, IFSPs, and ongoing assessments.

    2.    Assess and meet the needs of all children (including those at risk, with special needs, gifted, and/or culturally diverse).

    3.    Supervise preschool children and ensure a safe learning environment, including monitoring and responding to events in classrooms, outdoor play areas, and on field trips.

    4.    Supervise and monitor children at all times to ensure that no child is ever left unattended and that two adults are in the vicinity of the children inside and outside.  One of those adults must be a paid, qualified staff.

    5.    Adhere to agency policy on positive discipline using developmentally appropriate strategies.

    6.    Follow a consistent schedule that includes small and large group experiences, choice time, music and movement, large and small motor activities, skill development, meals, and effective transitions between activities.

    7.    Encourage children to experiment, explore, problem solve, cooperate, socialize, and make choices.

    8.    Respond to crises or emergencies that may occur.  Provide First Aid/CPR, prevent the spread of blood-borne pathogens, and access emergency services as needed.

    9.    Implement strategies that keep parents informed of curriculum focus and all classroom activities.

  10.    Maintain familiarity and knowledge of community resources and use these appropriately to meet family needs.

  11.    Work with appropriate agencies in developing specialized planning for children/families as needed.

  12.    Promote and reinforce volunteer involvement in the classroom.

  13.    Attend and help guide Parent Center Committee meetings, workshops, trainings, or socializations at the center.

  14.    Maintain accurate and timely written records including ongoing assessments, disability documentation, screening instruments, anecdotal observations, documents for transition to public school, and parent/teacher conference/home visit documentation, child goals, and other required forms.

  15.    Document pertinent parent contact.

  16.    Prepare a monthly classroom newsletter and calendar, and contribute to the agency newsletters as requested.

  17.    Monitor attendance of children enrolled in your classroom and verify and document the cause of absence.

  18.    Maintain a Family Partnership Agreement with goals, objectives and activities to meet individual family needs.

  19.    Conduct regular home visits (minimum of 4 per year—2 education and 2 family service) and parent teacher conferences (minimum of 2 education) for purposes of assessment and support and to share information on parenting, educational strategies, and classroom progress.

  20.    Meet regularly with families and staff, including mental health consultants as needed, regarding each child’s status and progress, to follow up and monitor family assessment and family goals, and to promote and facilitate family involvement in the program.

  21.    Discuss any child’s special needs and concerns with a supervisor using the referral process as needed.  Facilitate parent-generated referrals.

  22.    Apply working knowledge of parent-child interaction, child development, and the dynamics of child abuse and neglect to teach positive parenting skills and non-violent management techniques, reduce family stress, and meet dependency needs of families.

  23.    Provide crisis intervention and refer to appropriate community agencies, including mandated reporting to Child and Family Services when abuse is suspected.  Follow up on all referrals.

  24.    Complete all screenings as required.

  25.    Assist with child recruitment and application process.

  26.    Follow all USDA and Head Start guidelines during meals and cooking projects.

  27.    Supervise teacher aides and help them build their competence in accomplishing all job duties.

  28.    Coordinate a substitute to teach in your absence.

  29.    Assure general maintenance and security of the facility.


Required Qualifications

    1.    AA in Early Childhood Education (ECE).

    2.    Must be able to perform the physical expectations of working with 3 to 5 year olds, and be able to lift 50 pounds.

    3.    Proven verbal and written communication skills and listening skills.

    4.    Ability to accept and utilize supervision.

Preferred Qualifications

    1.     BA, or Masters in Early Childhood Education.

    2.     BA or advanced degree in an ECE related field and coursework equivalent to a major in ECE with experience teaching preschool children.

    3.    Strong knowledge of human development, family dynamics, and the needs of children.

    4.    Preschool experience.


Northwest Montana Head Start is in search of applicants for the position of a full time Education Manager, Education Assistant, Teacher Advocates, Teacher Assistants and Substitutes for the 2017-2018 School Year!  Hourly pay depends on position, education, and experience.  All permanent/full-time positions include NWMTHS’s benefit package: Health Reimbursement Plan, Dental/Vision/Life Insurance, paid holidays, sick/vacation/personal leave and a retirement plan.

Is it your passion to work with children and families to help them grow and excel in life?  Do you desire to work in a fun, friendly, and accepting environment?  Have you ever wanted to know that what you do for work makes a real difference in the community you live?  If so, then you may be just the employee Northwest Montana Head Start is looking for!

For more details and information on how to apply either visit our website at www.nwmtheadstart.org or reach out to our Administrative Assistant, Chelsey Padgett, by e-mail: asst@nwmtheadstart.org  or  by phone: 406.752.7011.  We look forward to meeting you!