Learning Environments

10 Tips to Enhance Your Outdoor Play Space

Whether you are building a brand new playground or interested in adding to or revitalizing an existing one, natural elements will help bring the space to life and provide endless play and learning opportunities for children. By incorporating these 10 tips, you will create a beautiful and welcoming atmosphere for family and community members, and educators to enjoy their time outdoors and to be active participants in the play space.

  1. Build a Sunflower House: Plant sunflowers in a square, circle, or any other shape you'd like to create a living playhouse for hiding and hanging out.
  2. Willow Dome: Create a permanent "living" room for children to play in outdoors. Plant it in the winter [so that] when spring comes the willow will start sprouting new roots and leaves.
  3. Mow a Meadow Maze: Let your lawn grow. You can create a fun, natural playspace for your children to play. With the lawnmower, carve out a maze or zigzag path. 10 Tips to Enhance Your Outdoor Play Space