Learning Environments

Continuity of Care

When children are with the same teachers over time, they get the attention and affection they need to have meaningful relationships. Children thrive and learn about themselves in these close bonds. Early childhood education leaders in center-based programs can use these resources to support decisions about implementing continuity of care and choosing the best type for their program.

Continuity of Care Tip Sheet

Explore this tip sheet to learn how continuity of care is key to the healthy development of young children birth to 3. It also lists three types of continuity of care systems.

Using Mixed-Age Groups to Support Continuity of Care in Center-Based Programs

In this guide, learn the benefits of and strategies in offering mixed-age groupings to support continuity of care for young children and families.

Continuity of Care Podcast

Learn more about continuity of care. Find out how it can support young children’s development. Explore why using it in your program can help build better relationships between children, families, and their teachers.

Promoting Continuity of Care in Infant and Toddler Settings

Discover strategies leaders can use to help promote continuity of care in their state, territory, and Tribe. Explore useful resources including an assessment tool that looks at current practices. 

Last Updated: January 2, 2020