Grass or Soft Ground Cover

a boy lays on an inflatable ball on a grassy lawnSoft grass is an ideal surface on which infants and toddlers can sit, lay, crawl, roll, and tumble.1  To provide visual and tactile variety, use different types of grasses, cut the grass to different lengths, or even plant moss. Check with a local county agricultural agent or nursery to find out what safe, nontoxic natural ground cover grows best in the program's location and what types endure a lot of wear. Some programs use artificial grass. It provides a soft feel, is durable, and does not need a lot of maintenance. However, artificial grass requires good drainage so water does not pool on the surface. Remember, grass is not an appropriate surface under elevated play equipment because it is not sufficiently shock absorbing.

1Lally et al., Guide to Setting Up Environments, 56.