a boy sits outside next large plastic storage binsStorage is an important, practical design element. When storage is convenient, setting and cleaning up the outdoor play space are easier. Think about what needs to be stored and the best place to put a storage system.1 Loose outdoor toys and equipment may be stored in sheds or watertight containers. Indoor toys and materials used outside may be stored in a variety of containers, such as duffel bags, baskets, and buckets with handles. Containers with straps or handles are easy for staff to carry, and toddlers can help carry them, too. Utility carts and wheeled luggage bags are also good storage options and are easy to move to and from the outdoor play space.

Storage is also an important consideration for families in home-based programs. Containers with straps or handles are equally useful for families.

1Greenman, Caring Spaces, Learning Places, 297.