Surfaces for Rolling Toys

A girl rolls a plastic toy shopping trolley down the sidewalkToddlers love wheeled toys to push, pull, and ride. Smooth surfaces of concrete or blacktop work well. Children should wear helmets whenever they are on wheeled ride-on toys. Consider creating a circular pathway that curves around the outdoor space and is wide enough for two children on wheeled ride-on toys to ride next to each other, as well as for strollers, buggies, wagons, and wheelchairs. Make sure adults can see the pathway from any place in the play space.1

In home-based programs, talk with families about the usefulness of rolling toys for children's development:

  • Do families have rolling toys?
    • If not, how might they get access?
    • If yes, how do their children use them and where?
  • Are the toys safe for children?

1Lally et al., Guide to Setting Up Environments, 57–58.