Local Early Childhood Partnerships

Child Care and Head Start Regulations/Standards: Similarities and Differences

Early Head Start (EHS) and child care programs have to navigate child care and EHS policies and regulations to understand any implications and ensure successful partnerships. Both programs must follow a set of rules that ensure high-quality care and services. However, those two sets of rules don't always align easily. Partnerships between EHS and child care programs will only be truly successful when they understand, respect, and deal with the differences.

Head Start

The following links describe Head Start regulations as they apply to Early Head Start-Child Care (EHS-CC) Partnerships.

Child Care and Development Fund (CCDF)

Explore information about how the Child Care and Development Block Grant Act of 2014 strengthened the fund to better meet the needs of children and families.

State Licensing Regulations and Policy Alignments

These resources demonstrate how state agencies are aligning child care licensing regulations with state and national standards to develop policies that support EHS-CCP.

Comparisons with State Licensing Regulations

These resources compare state child care licensing regulations with Head Start, quality rating and improvement systems (QRIS), and CCDF standards.