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Early Head Start-Child Care Partnership Spotlights on Innovation in the Field

The Early Head Start-Child Care (EHS-CC) Partnership Spotlights on Success in the Field presents stories that highlight innovative practices. These practices are put in place to meet the goals of EHS-CC Partnership programs. The spotlights cover a wide variety of topics, such as ongoing monitoring, professional development, and fiscal responsibilities.  

The Education Navigator: A Program to Support Child Care Providers' Professional Development

The Education Navigator assists child care partner staff in obtaining their Child Development Associate (CDA). Its goal is to provide support and guidance to assist staff as they make their way through community college. The Education Navigator program was developed by the Maricopa County Human Services Department (MCHSD) of Arizona.

The Directors Academy

The Directors Academy allows child care partners to come together to share, learn, and network. This innovative program provides child care program directors the opportunity to build their leadership skills. The Directors Academy was developed by the Maricopa County Human Services Department (MCHSD) of Arizona.

Supporting Providers in Obtaining Their Child Development Associate Credential

Obtaining a CDA credential can be difficult. Learn how one grantee uses innovative strategies to help child care partner staff members obtain their required credentialing.

Coaching as a Tool for Delivering Professional Development

It can be a challenge to find the time for professional development in a child care program. Learn how one grantee uses innovative practices to offer learning opportunities for child care partner staff.

Developing and Strengthening Fiscal Relationships

Money management can be a challenge in any business. Learn how the relationship between grantee staff and child care partners can foster better fiscal management for child care programs.

Retaining Child Care Partners

Maintaining child care partners is an important part of being an EHS-CC Partnership grantee. Explore the ways one grantee is building long-lasting partnerships.

Developing Ongoing Monitoring Processes

Ongoing monitoring is critical to successful EHS-CC Partnerships. Learn how one grantee developed tools and a collaborative process to build a strong ongoing monitoring program.

Encouraging Family Engagement

Family time is important to a child’s learning and development. Explore how EHS-CC Partnership grantees are using innovative ways to engage busy families.

Providing Continuity of Care to Infants and Toddlers with Special Needs

Continuity of care is important to all infants and toddlers. Learn how EHS-CC Partnerships help child care programs provide consistent caregivers to infants and toddlers with special needs. 

Recruiting Child Care Providers

Finding the right child care partner can be difficult. Discover how two grantees recruited child care partners and worked together with them to implement an EHS-CC Partnership program. 

Developing Partnership Agreements

Partnership agreements guide grantees and child care partners in all areas of the relationship. Learn how one grantee develops these vital documents. 

Helping Families Obtain Child Care Subsidies

EHS-CC Partnerships depend on multiple funding sources. The layering of funds can be difficult. Learn how one grantee helps low-income families obtain child care subsidies.

Head Start Pre-K Local Partnerships That Work: Tulsa, Oklahoma

Learn how the Community Action Project of Tulsa County (CAP) combined the philosophy of traditional Head Start with collaborative partnerships from area school districts. Explore how CAP transformed a program on the brink of collapse into a highly regarded early childhood program.

Stories from the Field

Explore this collection of grantee-focused news articles from across the nation. These articles complement the success stories shared in Making Connections: The Partnership Newsletter and the Making Strides in Early Head Start-Child Care Partnerships Webinar series.

After Nearly 30 Years, Lonnie Waller Jr. Completes Goal of Graduating from UAPB
Discover how one man’s journey as a family service advocate for an EHS-CC Partnership not only helped families achieve their goals but supported him in achieving his own goal of graduating from college.

Ohio State Will Pay for Early Childhood Educators to Earn Bachelor's Degree
Explore how Ohio State University’s Teacher Preparation Pipeline Scholarship program will benefit its EHS-CC Partnership initiative. The program will pay for early childhood educators to earn their bachelor's degree.

EHS-Child Care Partnerships: The Rising Tide That Lifts All Boats
This New America article showcases one of Early Learning Indiana’s child care partners.

Pilot Federal Grant Assists Delaware Early Childhood Centers
In this video, learn how the state of Delaware is using the EHS-CC Partnership grant to make strides in early childhood education. Delaware is one of only seven states to receive the grant.

Last Updated: November 26, 2019